1. China's Sex Toy Revolution

    ThingsAsian: "Consider this: In the early nineties, a European businessman was thrown out of China when a package mailed from home (opened by ever-watchful customs agents) was found to contain a penis-shaped vibrator. The businessman was charged with the importation of an item spiritually polluting to the Chinese people, and was summarily given the boot.

    So the fact that in August, 2004, 6000+ people were wandering around the floor of the Shanghai International Exhibition Center visiting booths displaying the latest in dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, blow up dolls, anal beads, pocket pussies and latex fetish gear is indeed noteworthy, not just to swingers & fetishists, but to those monitoring the tremendous sea-change in China and the views of her people (and no less importantly, her government) regarding sex and the myriad products that enhance sexual pleasure."

    Great article about the significance of sex toy sales not only in China but across the globe.

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