1. No Sex Toys For Sarah Jessica Parker

    ContactMusic reports that "Sarah Jessica Parker is amazed Sex And The City fans continue to think she has a collection of sex toys from her time on the TV show, because her character never appeared in raunchy scenes.

    Parker, who played writer Carrie Bradshaw on the smash series, had a strict no-nudity clause in her contract and finds it amusing people associate her with the show's more sexually graphic moments.

    She says, "I am regularly asked what I've done with all the sex toys.

    "My character never played with sex toys. All the others did - and took their clothes off too. Not me." "

    Indeed, while Sex And The City sent sales of the Rampant Rabbit vibrator through the roof and prompted co-star Kim Cattrall to write two books about the art of good sex, Ms Parker has remained demure about her own bedroom proclivities…