1. I Rub My Duckie - Best Christmas Gift Ever

    MSNBC's Sexploration page does a round up of Christmas sex toy goodies you can get to give your partner a real surprise, including a super expensive vibrator: "Those of you who hang with the yacht-in-Cannes set may be interested in a company called Mi-Su which sells “sexual aesthetics” (that's "pretty sex toys" to the rest of us).

    For the small price of about 1,300 British pounds — or roughly $2,200 — you can purchase a titanium dildo inlaid with crystals. Diamonds are available, too. If you want to really get all Savile Row, Mi-Su will create bespoke toysaccording to your specifications."

    They also recommend the massively popular I Rub My Duckie, the super cute bathroom duck that doubles as a discreet waterproof vibe to keep you buzzing during bathtimes - somewhat cheaper and a lot more fun, we think. There's also a smaller, travel size Rubber Duckie, a Devil Duckie and even a Bondage Duckie

    There's still plenty of time to place your Xmas sex toy order with Lovehoney - we can take orders for delivery in the UK until the 22nd December if you choose Express Delivery, until 19th if you choose Standard Delivery.

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