1. Sex Toys And Washing Machines

    India Knight writes a confused piece about sex toys in The Sunday Times, but she manages one piece of interesting information: "Not so long ago, if you wanted a sex toy, you had to head for a sex shop and brave the dirty-mac brigade. How things change: Catherine Gort, Durex’s marketing manager, said last week: “More vibrators are sold every year in Britain than washing machines and tumble dryers combined.”

    Blimey. Who knew? Call me old-fashioned, but I’d always assumed (completely wrongly, as it turns out) that sex toys were still a bit of a minority pastime.

    In my head the majority of Britons are still pretty buttoned-up, and the only people who keep a box of tricks by the bed are young women who know every episode of Sex and the City by heart, gay people, or seedy old pervs. But no: sex toys have become democratic, and everybody’s got them, or will have them very soon. They’ll probably turn up on The Archers next."

    Lovehoney, does, of course, have the whole range in stock for Durex Play. Who wants a washing machine when you can have some of these?