1. Competition To Find The Best Love Letter

    LONDON (Reuters) - Love may be in the air but it is no longer in the mail, according to a new competition to revive the lost art of love letter writing.

    Run for the first time last year in the United States when it attracted 5,000 entries, philanthropist Henri Zimand's competition to find the best written love letters has now opened to entrants from Britain as well.

    "In this age of one-line e-mails and abbreviated text messages, the simple art of letter writing has all but been forgotten," he said. "Writing a love letter is a dying art and to me that is a real shame."

    The competition is dedicated to the memory of Zimand's wife Anda who died from breast cancer in 2003 aged 49.

    "No one should underestimate the power of a letter that truly comes from the heart and with every letter I receive, I am moved, and remember my Anda," Zimand said. [read more].

    Being wordy types here at Lovehoney, we think this is a cracking idea. The official site for the competition is at www.AndaSpirit.com. The way to make anyone feel sexy is to make them feel loved - so make sure you scribe something sweet to your Significant Other today. That's an order.

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