1. Hard Plush Toys

    What do you want for Christmas? How about a cuddly toy sporting an outsize erection? Thought so. A guaranteed conversation piece of the Christmas turkey, The Erection Collection has 15 different soft plush animal toys that all come complete with a suitably aroused appendage. Take your pick from "Masturgator" the Alligator, "Slowpoke" the Turtle and let's not forget "Orgazmatang" the Orangutan. You can even get a "Patriotic Donkey" which comes complete with an Uncle Sam striped hat and - you guessed it - an Old Glory striped phallus too. You really have to see it to believe it. The only soft toy we've got in stock is the Bad Boyfriend Voodoo Doll, perfect for putting the hex on errant Significant Others. It doesn't have an outsize erection, but it does come with 10 pins to stick in it. Ouch.

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