1. Cypriots' Condom Consumer Index

    "NICOSIA (Reuters) - Condoms, hair gel and waxing are so much a part of Cypriot life that statisticians will from January count them among 150 new products and services used to calculate the monthly consumer price index. Authorities are revising the list to better reflect household spending patterns in the Mediterranean country nicknamed the island of Aphrodite for the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The new list includes condoms, hair gel, waxing to remove unwanted hair and medication to treat erectile dysfunction along with zivania, a strong alcoholic beverage whose production was once banned, the newspaper Phileleftheros said."

    Blimey. Sounds like the Cypriots know how to have a good time. We're not far behind though - we've got condoms, waxing kits and male virility pills galore if you want to follow the ways of our Mediterranean friends.

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