1. Self Love The Best Cure For Stress

    Sex therapist Cay L. Crow has come and said what everyone knew anyway - having a fiddle with yourself is a good practice to get rid of stress. As this article in The Ranger notes: " 'Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress,' sex therapist Cay L. Crow said in an interview.

    'It also is a great way to mediate anxiety. It’s a great stress relief, especially during midterms and finals,' Crow said.

    Crow, a licensed professional counselor, teaches sexual education classes for Forbidden Fruit, a woman-owned, women-operated business serving the community. Its mission is to help create erotic self-awareness and improve intimate communication in relationships."

    The article goes on to give a pithy potted history of masturbation, including all the fire and brimstone stuff from Victorian physicans that reckoned it would make you go blind. Clearly they were in need of a Fleshlight.