1. Erotic Art A Go Go

    Time for a bit of culture. The Scotsman On Sunday offers a chunky review of Alyce Mahon's new book "Eroticism And Art":

    "Where should we draw the line between what is obscene and what is culturally enriching? More books have been written on the subject than perhaps any other in art. But still it continues to haunt us.

    The latest author to throw her hat in the ring is Cambridge academic Alyce Mahon, who, as the publicity so coyly puts it, is "a woman". This is not really so revolutionary. Some of the most stimulating writing on the subject produced in the past 30 years has been by women, notably Andrea Dworkin. Where Mahon supposedly differs from her predecessors is that she sets out to address her topic without a specifically political agenda.

    Far from adopting the classic feminist critique, she seems to be attempting to be objective. This, of course, is no less than we would expect of a 21st-century art historian, and her book, despite being fundamentally flawed, makes for a read that is pacy and questioning." "

    Read the full review at The Scotsman's site - and if you're interested in erotic art, go visit The Erotic Bookshop for a fine selection of books.

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