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  1. Kim Cattrell Takes Charge "Former 'Sex and the City' star Kim Catrall has revealed that she prefers to bed younger men because they let her take charge.

    Catrall,who played the sex-hungry character of Samantha Jones, and is currently dating chef Alan Wyse, 22 years her junior, said that older men always try to maintain control while having sex and she prefers the attitude of younger men, to hand over charge to the more experienced partner.

    "There's a feeling of: 'She's older than me, she has experienced more, so sit back and relax. I prefer that to: 'Oh I should know this. I should govern this. I should be leading this," the New York Daily News quoted her, as saying." And indeed, Ms Catrall knows what she's talking about - she's also the co-author of Satisfaction, the ultimate guide to sexual fulfillment for women.

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