1. 'Holy Anus' stirs up unholy row

    News 24: "Cape Town - Well-known campaigner against homosexuality Dr Peet Botha has come under fire because a section in his latest book is entitled The Anus is Holy.

    Botha is a well-known speaker on the unacceptability of homosexual acts and in his book, Die Sinode en Homoseks (the synod and homosex), he warns that the church should stick to its stance on homosexual behaviour.

    Now a debate is raging on the Kerkbode website about a section of this book in which Botha - based on physiological reasons - argues that people's bodies are not suited to sex with someone of the same gender."

    Here at Lovehoney we're all in favour of safe bumsex, whoever's doing it. We've got lots of anal toys for everyone, and we've got our sister site CockLocker, the UK's gay sex superstore too. Bottoms up!

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