1. Chat Up Lines Proved To Work By Academic Research

    Two British academics have been conducting research into what chat up lines work best on women. No, really.

    Psychologists from a couple of British universities have gone trolling for babes, and analysed 40 pickup lines in terms of likelihood of success. Or as they call it when applying for grants, they analysed "verbal signals of genetic quality."

    Believe it or not, they claim a man's best chance of impressing women is by saying something like: "It's hot today isn't it? It's the best weather when you're training for a marathon."

    At least, that got the most favourable response from 205 women tested by the combined brainpower of Edinburgh AND Central Lancashire Universities.

    Leaves you wondering what the worst pickup line was, right? It was this: "You're the star that completes the constellation of my existence."

    There's some more gems to be found in the full story reported by Ottawa Citizen. And given men are so hopeless at this sort of thing, you might also want to check out Peta Heskell's book Flirt Coach, which shows you how to tell a man exactly what you think without saying a word…