1. Supermarket Sex

    While we British might be intellidating at poetry readings, the French have decided to combine two of our more frequent pleasures - sex and shopping. Africa reveals that Parisians have got fed up with being single in the city and are heading to the supermarket to hang out in the wine section and hope they can meet someone special:

    Sex and shopping has long been the stuff of fantasy, but now a Parisian department store is bringing the heady mix to life with an event that allows lonely hearts to shop for their suppers and potential partners at the same time.

    The "Dating Market" at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, the store's posh food and wine section, targets the capital's 800 000 singles with the promise of good shopping and the possibility of a good time.

    Launched this month in conjunction with a French dating website, the soiree takes place on Thursday nights between 6.30pm and 9pm.

    Shoppers on the look-out for love are provided with a special purple basket to be easily picked out of the crowd and hopefully picked-up. A dedicated till is reserved for those wishing to be chatted-up at the check-out and a happy hour at Le Bar Rouge, the store's chic wine bar, makes asking someone out for a drink that little bit easier.

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