1. Desperate Housewives Get Waxed For Better Sex

    Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria is at it again. As the National Ledger reports: Earlier this year the petite beauty reportedly talked so much about her love of battery operated sex toys that she was asked by the network bosses to stop saying the word 'vibrator' in interviews. Now Eva talks in Cosmopolitan magazine about sex and extols the virtues of Brazilian bikini wax.

    "It makes sex better," she told Cosmo. And it's worth the pain? "Believe me, the first time I did it, the technician did half, and I was like 'Stop!' She said, 'Sit down, I have to finish.' But then it gets easier. The more you do it, the less hair grows back. But yeah, I love it. I swear by it. Every woman should try a Brazilian wax once. And then the sex they have afterward will make them keep coming back."

    So there you go girls - it's official: stock up on vibrators and waxing products for better sex!