1. Out-of-this-world sex could jeopardise missions

    New Scientist: "Sex and romantic entanglements among astronauts could derail missions to Mars and should therefore be studied by NASA, warns a top-level panel of US researchers.

    NASA plans to return astronauts to the Moon by 2018 and later on to Mars. But a round-trip mission to the Red Planet would probably last at least 30 months and carry six to eight people. That would be a hotbed for intense crew relationships, says a report by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

    "With the prospect of a very long-term mission, it's hard to ignore the question of sexuality," says Lawrence Palinkas, a medical anthropologist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, an author of the report. It reviewed NASA's plans for research to keep astronauts safe and healthy in space – but the plans make no mention of sexual issues in spaceflight."

    The article sadly doesn't make any mention of the most interesting part of this - what it would be like to have sex in space. Imagine being weightless while making whoopee. You can get a love swing to suspend you or your partner in mid air that lets you have the next best thing to intergalactic intercourse. The love swing gives you 360 degree gravity-defying sex! Samatha from Sex And The City had one - you can too! We haven't got round to stocking spacesuits in the lingerie section, but give us time…