1. India Needs Lovehoney!

    It's still hard work trying to buy sex toys in India, as the Hindustan Times reports: "Though nowhere near as sophisticated and varied as their counterparts abroad, sex toys are available in the city. As dull as they are discreet, several stalls at Musafir Khana near Crawford Market stock crude vibrators and dildos. Nestled between shops selling grey-market shampoos, lotions and deodorant are hawkers stocking body-care products of the X-rated kind.

    The lines are blurred — herbal impotence remedies and medicated lubricants are as much part of their merchandise as plastic handcuffs and bulled-shaped vibrating devices from China. The usual peddling call “Hello, yes, perfumes?” is absent — unnecessary attention is a bad thing when you are dealing with what the government calls ‘objectionable and banned items’. But an observant eye can pick out the items from imported goods. Hawkers seem calm in the presence of a female customer but get rattled when you pick up a dildo and ask, “What does this do?” indicating patrons are mostly male or specific about what they want."

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