1. Deaf Mute Man Steals Phone For Sex

    From News 24, via the irrepressible Pervscan: "Cambodian police, baffled as to why a deaf mute man would steal a telephone, soon found their answer when a witness led them to the phone in a local pawnbroker's shop and they then found the culprit in a nearby brothel, authorities said on Thursday. The police chief for Toul Sangke commune in Phnom Penh, Khat Darasi, said victim Ear Bunnarith, 40, reported his cellphone stolen on October 11 and named the culprit as a profoundly deaf man known only as Bun, 27. 'But neither the police nor the victim could understand why Bun would steal a telephone, as he cannot speak or hear. He had been friends with Bunnarith for many years without doing any wrong before,' Darasi told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. 'It was not until a motorbike taxi driver came forward and told us where he had taken Bun after the phone disappeared that we realised he might not be able to use a telephone, but he is human. He stole the phone to buy love.' Darasi said the victim had declined to press charges against Bun after the phone, which he had pawned for $10, was returned, and Bun was released after promising to find more appropriate means to fund his love life in the future." - News24.com (South Africa)