1. Penis Microwaved

    "A Mr Kang who went to a private hospital to have foreskin resection has lost more than he expected, the Xinmin Evening News reported Friday. Kang, a middle-aged man, read an advertisement and went to a private hospital in Jinshan District on September 8. He followed doctor’s instruction to take a course of microwave 'heliotherapy'. After one hour, Kang noticed that his penis had been burned black and was painful. He had difficulty passing water but the doctor had gone off work and he could find nobody to help him. On the following day, the doctor tried to treat the inflammation and advised Kang to try other hospitals. Urologists found that Kang's penis had been so severely ‘cooked’ that the burned parts had to be excised reducing the size of the penis. The president of the private hospital admitted an 'accident' had occurred but asserted that the 'operation' had been performed according to the instructions set out on the ‘heliotherapy’ manual and it was the first time that such an accident had occurred, Xinmin said." —Shanghai Daily (China) [via Pervscan]

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