1. Fun With The Chocolate Starfish

    The New York Press has a particularly frank and funny sex advice column, which recently included this gem:

    My guy really wants to have anal sex with me, but let's face it; it's a pain in the ass. Not only is it messy, but super painful. He is putting so much pressure on me about it, saying, "Most girls love it!" I don't want to lose him, but yikes! —Carol P.

    He is exaggerating. Most girls hate anal sex. If he thinks it is so great, tell him you will try it but only if he lets you ram a dildo up his chocolate starfish. (You wouldn't want him missing out on any of the so-called pleasure!) Men like anal due to the tight fit and because it's so naughty, but they don't realize how much it hurts until they try it. They think we all love it thanks to porn flicks, where the girls are getting paid to pretend they like it. Never do what you don't want to do, and if he doesn't like it, he can find himself a canal pal!

    (P.S. Do not write me telling me how much your girl loves getting it up the ass. I said "most girls.")

    This advice runs against the fact that everyone seems to be trying out anal sex these days to see if they like it. Who's to say? You can only decide for yourself. We've got The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women to let you make up your own mind about whether or not it's for you.

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