1. Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong

    Disinformation specialise in producing books that challenge the status quo, and now they gone and done it with everyone's favourite subject. Here's the run down of what they cover in EYKASIW:

    # The explicit Twin Towers sex scene deleted from a 9/11 novel?
    # How circumcision hurts your sex life?
    # The world’s largest erotic archive (287,000 movies!) that no one is allowed to see?
    # FAA reports about people screwing on commercial flights (the “mile high club”)?
    # The frisky behavior of nuns and priests?
    # The photo of Jesus and the adulteress that Hustler wouldn’t run?
    # The proof that sex and orgasms make you healthy?
    # The amazing powers of the vagina in history and mythology?
    # The unexpected sexiness of blood, chess, food, pimples, and bee stings?

    Nope, these aren’t dirty jokes. They’re for real, and they’re part of Disinformation’s unbridled look at the world of sex. Edited by Russ Kick, this massive anthology features a panoply of sexperts, everyone from prostitutes to professors, legends to newcomers, sexual revolutionaries to sexologists, bloggers to novelists and beyond. This unrivaled line-up provides a wildly varied, unexpected, and untamed look at everyone’s favorite activity.

    Find out what it’s like to work at a Nevada brothel and a Seattle peep show, host a fist-a-thon, hustle for drug money, answer phones at a sex-information hotline, visit Japan’s sex museums, teach a senior citizen to be a stripper, and write copy for a huge catalog of porn videos and sex toys.

    I think we can relate to that last one…

    If you reckon everything you know about sex is wrong, we've got a stack of better sex books in the Erotic Book Shop that will see you right.

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