1. Lovely Dubberley

    Emily Dubberley, sexpert extraordinaire and friend of Lovehoney, keeps a cracking blog of her own at Dubberley.com, revealing the perils of being a professional sex toy reviewer. It's not all fun and games y'know. "Cue half an hour of us trying to outdo each other in the penis throwing stakes, cut short only by an incident that resulted in almost breaking his knee cap and me having a three inch diameter bruise on my arse." See?

    If you think your man or woman enough to take on the sex toy reviewing challenge, sign up for Lovehoney's Orgasm Army and send us your best sex toy story - if we like yours, we'll send you sex toys for free so you can write us reviews and tell us what you think of them. You get to share your opinion with the world and amass an enviable collection of sex toys to suit every occasion. Result!