1. Double Bagging Goes Dildonic

    No doubt you'll be aware of the practice of double bagging i.e. wearing one condom on top of another to ensure there can be no latex mishaps whilst making whoopee. In the American tradition of bigger, better, more, The Science Project took it to the max and conducted a full on practical experiment to find out - How many condoms can you wear at once? They did use a dildo, true, as no one was fool enough to sign up their schlong in the name of dubious science, and the result is - an awful lot of condoms. A truly magnificent girth was achieved. Even if there's a somewhat terrifying photo of what it looks like after the dildo's been sawn in half. You can have a go at taking on the "how many condoms on a dildo" record yourself with our huge range of condoms and dildos - if you manage to get into the Guinness Book Of Records, let us know.

    And, fact fans, it's worth bearing in mind that unfortunately double bagging is not actually any safer than using one condom, as sex advice site The Site points out.

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