1. Focusing On Women's Pleasure

    Some no nonsense advice from the Carolinian Online for women who keep teetering on the edge but not quite falling off it. In the bedroom sense, that is.

    I swear by masturbation and "prescribe" it to everyone (Stressed? Depressed? Masturbate!). This article is no different. If you want to be orgasmic, you're going to have to practice. A lot. I'd recommend going at it alone at first just so you'll be more willing to try different things without worry. You can introduce a partner into the process later once you know just how you like to get off.

    If you don't already have one, I'd suggest you acquire a vibrator. Like, right now. Unless you're in the small percentage of woman who are medically unable to climax, these devices virtually guarantee orgasms (once you know how to put them to work). You don't need anything fancy or huge; any $10 battery-operated phallic-shaped toy you can find with will serve you well.

    Each woman uses her vibrator differently. Some like it turned to high speed, while others like to use it like a dildo, with the vibration feature usually.

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