1. Saddle Up!

    We're really not quite sure what to make of this: a new contraption from our American cousins that's designed to take the effort out of sex.

    The BodyBouncer is an shaped like a small coffee table but is made from steel tubes with a rubber sheet stretched across the top. The sheet's got a hole in the middle. (Can you see where this going?). If the gentleman gets underneath the BodyBouncer, his bits can go through the hole in the rubber sheet, letting his partner sit on the BodyBouncer from above, accommodate him and have all their body weight supported by the BodyBouncer. Boing!

    Stress-free humping with a rubbery bottom feel is achieved. The very slick BodyBouncer site has a whole page dedicated to the different positions that can be achieved with their apparatus. We suppose it's just one step on from using the household furniture for a better sex life, but it still looks like you're getting a bit too involved with a mini-trampolene to keep the atmosphere suitably sexy. Plus, of course, less exercise means less sex drive, so it could be a vicious circle.

    Certainly that hole in the rubber sheet would be a vicious circle if it's not well lubed…We've got a whole bunch of bedroom sex furniture of our own if you're looking for a new position, including the Love Swing as used by Samantha in Sex And The City. Not sure if you'll see Kim Cattrell on a BodyBouncer anytime soon…