1. Hong Kong girls don't rely on men for pleasure

    It's a citywide case of "Not tonight darling, I've got a headache". But in Hong Kong, it's not the girls saying this traditional passion killer, but men. Turns out that the pace of life is so crazy in the city fondly known as Honkers that chaps prefer work to sex. HK women are rightly miffed about this so they've turned to their own devices (see what we did there?) to get what they need.

    Sapa-AFP reports that

    "The sale of love aids for women has rocketed in Hong Kong because men say they prefer work to sex. A survey revealed blokes would rather get down to business in the professional rather than the passion sense. So a high street pharmacy chain began selling sex toys alongside soap and shampoo. Vibrators have been a surprise hit at Watson's group - controlled by tycoon Li Ka-shing. Delighted sex education bosses say the news could help the sexually repressed city come out of its shell. "Some people need them, for entertainment or for improvement of sexual problems," said Dr Ng Man-lun, of the Hong Kong Sex Education Association. "To emphasise the health image and role of the products, such gadgets are better sold in established dispensaries than in 'sex shops' which give an image more on the entertainment side."