1. Using Condoms To Tackle Crime

    BBC News reports that

    British Police officers are using condoms as their latest weapon in a campaign to tackle crime.

    West Midlands Police are giving out the promotional condoms, which bear the message "protect your valuables", to students at the region's universities.

    A spokesman said many students bring a range of equipment with them, such as laptops and mobile phones, which are attractive to thieves.

    The condoms will help young people to think about crime prevention, he said.

    The condoms are available from the University of Birmingham, Aston University, the University of Central England, Coventry University, the University of Warwick, the University of Wolverhampton and Newman College of Higher Education.

    Top marks to the police for figuring out the best place to put their sensible message is on something students will actually look at - although whether they'll remember to keep their possessions safe in the heat of passion is another thing.

    Maybe there's other messages that should be put on condom packets to ensure students' well being: "Eat your greens", "Phone your mum" and "Do some bloody work" all spring to mind.

    For those students unfortunate enough to have missed out on the coppers' free condoms, we've got plenty to get you through the next term at uni - visit Sensible Johnny and ensure the postman delivers something more interesting than a postcard from your gran to your digs.