1. Get Lost!

    First it's Desperate Housewives, now it's cast of Lost fooling about with sex toys whilst on set. Maggie Grace, star of the Channel 4 hit series, told TeenToday how one of her scenes was sabotaged by the covert insertion of a cheeky vibrator:

    Lost' beauty Maggie Grace was left red-faced when co-star Ian Somerhalder swapped one of her props with a sex toy. The blonde actress, who plays spoilt Shannon in the hit show, was supposed to rummage around and pull out an item from her luggage.

    But cheeky Ian, who plays Shannon's stepbrother Boone, had replaced the prop with a vibrator. Maggie revealed: "We had this scene where I was frantically searching for an item in my luggage. Ian had the prop guy switch the real item with a sex toy. So during the scene where I find it, I pulled out a sex toy instead. "The cameras were rolling, so it was even caught on tape. It was mortifying!"

    Wethinks the lady doth protest too much. We've a suitably huge collection of battery-powered pleasurables for you to secrete in girlfriends' handbags for a tittersome moment or as a subtle hint for them to lighten up and relax!

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