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  1. No Hang Ups Here

    "An Athens mobile phone dealer has been arrested for allegedly selling thousands of amateur sex videos he had downloaded from cellular phones brought to his shop for repairs, police said Tuesday" (read more).

    Which would indicate the most popular use for the video function on mobile phones is - surprise! - making mucky videos. We're all in favour of using mobiles to big up the love, but do remember to keep your pics and videos private from prying eyes.

    And while we're expressing our concern for your health, go careful with the vibrate function too…We'd suggest you stick with the VibraExciter Mobile Phone Activated Vibrator, which lets your partner get you buzzing with a signal from their mobile, or the ultra discreet Vibra Phone Secret Massager, which looks identical to a cellphone but is in fact a cunningly disguised vibrator. Let us ring your bell!

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