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  1. Plaster Caster

    Gentlemen! Want to stick your manhood in a tube of gooey muck so your schlong can be marvelled at by future generations? Thought so. The intimate details of how you can create an incredibly realistic replica of your partner's best friend is chronicled in this truly majestic photo essay at Hootisland.

    Aided by his manically laughing wife, and despite a couple of fully detailed mishaps along the way, Chris managed to fit his old man into the sweet caress of a cylinder full of muck and produce a perfect silicone clone of his half-erect wiener.

    His final verdict: "You gotta try this, at least once. I haven't had that much fun without actually having sex in my life. I'm considering ordering refills to give it another go, maybe make a table setting of me at different levels of interest. I would suggest that you a) have a sense of humor, b) use a quiet food mixer, c) have sympathetic and wood-inspiring assistance, and d) be drunk."

    If you're ready for immortality, we've got the Plaster Mould A Willy kit and the Clone A Willy Vibrator Kit and the Silicone Vibrating Mould A Willy kit, which both let you turn your very own Penis De Milo into a fully functioning vibrator.

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