Become a 1950s Pin-Up With Retro Lingerie from Lovehoney!

by Lovehoney

on 8 Nov 2013

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a Pin-Up Princess? Or perhaps you have a partner who has a frisky vintage fantasy which you want to fulfil?

With burlesque entertainment on the rise, and celebrities introducing a 1950s vibe to their look, more and more people are opting for retro style lingerie when they shop with us.

Bringing back such garments as deep 6 strap suspender belts, the roll-on girdle, seamed stockings and longline lingerie, these structured pieces are perfect for creating shape and making the most of your natural curves.

Whether you choose to wear vintage style lingerie under your everyday clothing, or prefer to keep them for special occasions, we have a few tips and pointers when it comes to styling yourself like a 1950s Pin-Up.

  1. Kiss Me Deadly Brelet

    This retro-style bra is reminiscent of the traditional bullet bra (yes, the one Madonna tried to bring back) but has been styled for more practical use. Less 'bullet' and more 'retro', this soft cupped bra gives you all the support of a modern day bra, without underwiring. It's supremely comfortable and the longline design covers any problem areas you may want to hide. It also looks amazing with high waisted knickers!

    Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Bralet ([[productprice:productid=24206]])
  2. classic steel boned waspie

    The ultimate tool in structural support, a steel boned corset pulls in your waist and gives you curves you didn't even know were possible! With a choice of overbust, underbust and waspie styles, our corsets give you the power to customise your pin-up look for your own shape. Removable suspender straps mean these corsets look amazing over clothes, as well as under. Plus, all steel boned corsets are 25% off!

    Classic Satin Waspie Corset ([[productprice:productid=25501]])
  3. Leg Avenue Retro Teddy

    If you want to achieve the ultimate pin-up look, but wish to steer away from fiddly clips and multiple garments, why not try a retro-inspired teddy? A modern twist on the old style, our range of teddies are structured and form fitting, drawing the eye to the slimmest part of your figure to create an hourglass silhouette, while offering the simplicity of being a one-garment-wonder.

    Leg Avenue Retro Teddy ([[productprice:productid=26766]])

  1. Kiss Me Deadly Panty Girdle

    High waisted knickers are the pinnacle of retro styling, offering support, structure and a 100% flattering look. Whether you wear these panties under your favourite dress or with other sexy lingerie, you can be sure of a smooth silhouette and an hourglass figure others will envy. Adding a pair of seamed stockings perfect the pin-up look.

    Kiss Me Deadly Vargas 6 Strap Panty Girdle

  2. Kiss Me Deadly 6 Strap Suspender

    The suspender belts of yesteryear were designed to be worn all day, keeping Nylons in place from dawn 'til dusk. Our retro-repro belts are no different, offering support and comfort all in one. With no less than 6 straps, these deep belts give a smooth fit, while keeping your stockings poised all day, no matter where (or when) you wear them.

    Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren 6 Strap Suspender Belt ([[productprice:productid=12024]])
  3. Leg Avenue Seamed Stockings

    No pin-up look is complete without a staple pair of seamed stockings. With deep tops and cuban heels, these reinforced stockings are built to last. A delicate seam runs up the back of the leg to slim your pins and guide the eye. Our retro-style hosiery are a modern-day, practical version of the original fully fashioned Nylons of the 1950s.

    Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Seamed Stockings ([[productprice:productid=10024]])

  1. Silver Screen Wig

    All the best loved pin-up girls were famous for their perfectly sculpted do's, but with most of us not opting for a 6am wake-up and regular perms, retro hairstyles can be difficult to achieve without practice (and a lot of hairspray!). If you fancy Bettie-style-bangs without chopping off all your hair, why not check out our range of glamorous wigs and transform your barnet into sumptuous curls in a snap!

    Silver Screen Sensation Wig ([[productprice:productid=19188]])
  2. Lovehoney Sequin Nipple Tassels

    Originating from the world of burlesque, nipple tassels are a great way of decorating your beautiful bosoms while maintaining a vintage look. With so many high waisted garments in this style, a pair of nipple tassels are a perfect way of covering up, without a bra. Why not practice your tassel twirling skills and treat your lover to a saucy strip tease to complete your evening of throwback thrills?

    Lovehoney Sequin Nipple Tassels ([[productprice:productid=28693]])
  3. Livia Corsetti Hera Dressing Gown

    Pin-up lingerie is all about layers of sumptuous fabric and a sheer dressing gown is the perfect way to add a retro twist to your image in a matter of seconds. Wrap yourself in sheer flowing fabric to highlight your figure and tease your partner with semi-transparent loveliness. Wear over your favourite vintage undergarments, or over nothing at all to fully embrace your inner pin-up and tempt your loved one.

    Livia Corsetti Hera Dressing Gown ([[productprice:productid=21051]])

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