12 Sexy Gifts for 12 Days of Christmas

12 Sexy Gifts for 12 Days of Christmas

by Guest

on 12 Dec 2016

12 Sexy Gifts for 12 Days of Christmas

So, we’re well and truly into the university year, and soon those of us with partners in our home town be able to go home to them for Christmas (YAY!).

And, well, we all know what that means. Nudge nudge.

For those of us who seldom see our lovers, it's important that we make the most of the time we spend together, which is why we've come up with this list of 12 sexy little gifts that you can share with your partner over the Christmas break.

Including games, sex toys, bondage accessories, and more, these fun-but-thrilling stocking fillers will definitely go down better than a partridge in a pear tree.

Just be careful not to open any in front of any family members.

The Top Sexy Christmas Gifts for Students

  1. 1. Flavoured Massage Oil

    Lovehoney Oh! Strawberry Lickable Massage Oil 30ml

    What better way to start your night together other than with a sensual massage? It'll help you to release all those tight knots that have built up from studying for twelve long, hard weeks.

    Flavoured massage oil is the gift that will keep on giving as you gently work it into their skin. Perhaps they have a really sensitive spot on the back of their legs? Or maybe you can just use it as an excuse to kiss and lick all the way down their back? However you use it, it's sure to please you both!

  2. 2. Sexploration Vouchers

    Lovehoney Oh! Sexploration Vouchers 52 Weeks of Adventures

    These cards are perfect for couples that have been together for some time and want a fun way to vary their intimacy.

    The pack contains 26 'Romantic' cards with suggestions of things like cooking dinner for your partner, or watching your favourite film together, and 26 "Raunchy" cards which have suggestions for new sex positions to try out, or a roleplay scenario that you can get into.

    There's no doubt that they'll keep things interesting over the course of the year, especially if you only get to see each other at weekends!

  3. 3. Oh!Satin Blindfold

    Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold

    Lots of people seem to associate blindfolds with the bondage side of sex, but they're often more about heightening your other senses by taking away your sight than extreme bondage play.

    This satin blindfold is really comfy and easy to use - just slip it over your lover's eyes to restrict their sight during play.

  1. 4. Flavoured Lubricant

    Lovehoney Passion Fruit Flavoured Lubricant 100ml

    Sex of any kind is better with lube, and if that lube tastes and smells good, it makes it even better.

    With Lovehoney's flavoured lubricants, a little goes a very long way so it'll last even longer (which is always a bonus for student pockets!).

  2. 5. Clone-A-Willy Vibrator

    Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Own Penis Moulding Kit

    Struggling with the distance in a relationship? Does nothing seem quite as good as the real thing? Then this is just what you need.

    The Clone-A-Willy Vibrator kit allows you to make a detailed replica of your partner's penis, with the additional bonus of stimulating vibrations.

  3. 6. Chocolate Body Paint

    Lovehoney Oh! Chocolate Body Paint 120g

    Christmas most certainly means chocolate, so why not bring your favourite treat to the bedroom for a bit of extra fun?

    Lovehoney's chocolate body paint is sweet and perhaps just as tempting as your partner's body itself, plus you can use it to write extra-sexy instructions for where you want your partner to lick…

  1. 7. Couple's Sex Toy Starter Kit

    Lovehoney BASICS Couple's Starter Kit (3 Piece)

    If you’ve yet to introduce sex toys into your relationship, not only do Lovehoney have this helpful guide to get you started, but they’ve also got this kit to kick off your sex toy box.

    Included is the perfect mix for him and her: a textured stroker, a bullet vibrator, and a double cock ring for you both to enjoy.

    It’s everything you need to get started with toys in the bedroom, whatever your experience level.

  2. 8. Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

    Lovehoney Secret Surprise 10 Function Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

    Don’t be fooled by thinking only one person can get the fun out of this cheeky toy. Why not make your festive shopping a little more interesting by wearing it whilst you're out and about, but giving your partner control of the remote?

    It’s quiet and discreet, so perfect for use even when you’re back in your uni accommodation after the holidays.

  3. 9. Men's Candy Posing Pouch

    Candy Posing Pouch

    Give your partner something sweeter than Christmas pudding with this novelty candy posing pouch. Made from the same candy as old-school edible necklaces, it's great for a sugar rush!

    It works great as a stocking filler, or as something to get for just a bit of fun in the bedroom… oh, and it tastes great, too.

  1. 10. Candy Bra

    Candy Bra

    It wouldn't be fair to include a delicious treat for the guys and not the girls, now, would it?

    This bikini-style candy bra allows you and your partner to match your underwear for bedroom nibbles that certainly won't be welcome at Christmas dinner. Why not pair it with the candy G-string, too?

  2. 11. Tease Me Silver Handcuffs

    Lovehoney Tease Me Silver Handcuffs

    Is someone on the naughty list this year? Teach them a lesson with these handcuffs to give some restraint during foreplay or sex, or as an accessory to your roleplay.

    It's bound (pun intended) to get you both hot under the collar whether they're simply holding your wrists together, or they're holding you to the bed!

    Remember though, to make sure that you're both comfortable with the idea of being restrained before you begin.

  3. 12. Oh! Feather Tickler

    Lovehoney Oh! Chocolate Body Paint 120g

    Add to the tease and titillation with a feather tickler.

    Perfect for increasing your partner's sensitivity, this can work fantastically with the handcuffs and blindfold to get all their nerve endings excited.

    It's soft and sensual, so bound to leave them wanting more. Just make sure that your cats don't get their paws on it…

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