10 Sexual Fetishes We Bet You've Never Heard Of

by Lovehoney

on 21 Jan 2020


It's probably not a question that's likely to appear on University Challenge anytime soon but most people, when asked, could name a few fetishes.

Foot fetishes are usually what springs to mind, followed by activities like bondage and S&M.

But what is counts as a fetish? Well, a fetish is a type of sexual desire where gratification is linked to an object, type of clothing or part of the body.

Thanks to the awesome power of the internet, and society becoming increasingly sex-positive, we know more about kinks and fetishes than we ever have before.

That's why Lovehoney had to conduct some serious sexual research to find you these 10 Sexual Fetishes We Bet You've Never Heard Of!

1. Sploshing

Those with a fetish for ‘sploshing’ or ‘wet and messy’ play will become aroused when a generous amount of a sloppy substance is applied to their face, naked body or clothing.

A prime example is ‘cake sitting’, considered a sub-fetish of wet and messy, where participants will (yes, you guessed it) sit on cakes! Physically, the unique sensation of smushing a cake with your butt is a big draw card and psychologically, cake sitting can feel taboo.

2. Balloons

Some people hate balloons due to their tendency to burst loudly and unexpectedly, but others have a fetish for balloons for these exact same reasons.

Lovers of balloons refer to themselves as ‘looners’ and a quick Internet search (conducted from home, not the work laptop!) will show you what we mean!

The texture, the way balloons tend to strain under pressure, even the sound they make when squeezed – all these factors and more are why balloons get some people hot under the collar!

3. Quicksand

Got that sinking feeling? You could be a fan of the quicksand fetish!

During the 1950s, Hollywood couldn’t get enough of quicksand scenes, and by the 1960s it appeared in one out of every 35 films. Why?

Because it was a creative way to sneak serious sexual tension past the conservative censors. Introducing quicksand into a plot meant you could have a man and woman, in close proximity, huffing and puffing together without getting the scene cut from the film.

One of the most infamous scenes features in in the 1955 epic Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle. For some fetishists, it’s the element of voyeurism that makes watching someone struggle in quicksand so titillating.

4. Macrophilia

Macrophilia translates to ‘lover of large’ – and it terms of fetishes it describes those who fantasise about having sex with someone who towers about them in size.

But we’re not just talking about getting off with someone who’s a few feet taller than you.

Many members of the macrophilia community lust after the notion of giants and giantesses – and they use photoshop and virtual reality programs to bring their fetish to life!

There are not many studies out there as of yet, but what sexologists have found out so far is that this fetish revolves around feelings of domination and vulnerability.

5. Agalmatophilia

Michelangelo’s ‘David’ gets a bad rap for the size of his marble peen, but there’s at least one group of people who certainly appreciate it!

Agalmatophilia involves the attraction to statutes, dolls or mannequins. It can involve a mere fantasy about having sexual contact with such an object, or it can involve actual sex - that’s where sex dolls come in!

6. Tentacles

We all want sex that is out of this world, but some want it much more literally than others.

A fetish for tentacles, whether they appear alien or octopus-like, is by no means a modern fixation. It is thought that Katsushika Hokusai, the artist responsible for the iconic ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, produced the first piece of tentacle erotica. The work is called ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’ and if you’re a Mad Men fan, it’s the painting Peggy carries in the series’ penultimate episode. If you you’re all about this fetish, the Lovehoney Tentacle Glass Dildo is worth checking out.

7. Forniphilia

Next time you tell someone to stop acting like a doormat, think again! Forniphilia is a subset of bondage which sees the submissive partner being used as a piece of furniture.

The active or dominate partner may use this submissive as a footstool, a non-functioning lamp or as a table – participants are only limited by their imaginations.

8. Mechanophilia

If you lock your bedroom door and draw the curtains just to watch re-runs of Top Gear, you might be a mechanophile (or you could just have a crush on The Stig,

there’s no judgment here!) A mechanophile is someone who is sexually attracted to cars, motorbikes, helicopters – essentially any form of machinery that can be used for transportation.

9. Nebulophilia

Holy smokes!

Nebulophilia describes an attraction to smoke and fog, and nebulophiles may use smoke machines and dry ice, or watch content like music videos that feature dry ice and smoke effects, for gratification.

10. Waders

After reading about this fetish, we won’t be able to think about fishing quite the same way ever again.

Waders are the all-in-one rubber garment that fishers wear so that they can wade waist-deep in water.

Not only are waders a very practical invention if you’re trying to land the catch of a lifetime, they also have their own dedicated fetishists. Waders seem to be a sub-fetish that has branched out from the more well-known fetish for latex, and while Lovehoney doesn’t stock any ‘fishing attire’, we have Latex Clothing & Fetish Wear galore!

Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.

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