10 Things You Didn't Know About Lovehoney

10 Things You Didn't Know About Lovehoney

by Lovehoney

on 21 Apr 2012

Win A Prize Bundle In Celebration of Lovehoney's 10th Birthday!Today we're celebrating our 10th birthday! Lovehoney officially sent its very first order on the 21st April 2002 and the second was 6 few days later - it was slow but steady start!

As well as some extra-special birthday offers, we thought we'd give you all a special peek into Lovehoney HQ. So, here are 10 things you (probably) didn't know about Lovehoney…

1. We're 10 years old

Well, obviously - it's pretty hard to miss the birthday celebrations! But did you know that in 10 years, we've shipped over 5 million ordersto the world.

We worked it out, and that's 7,989,243.75 insertable inches. If you're metric-minded, that's 202.91 km of phallic goodness - approximately the distance between where the Lovehoney warehouse is based in Bath and Buckingham Palace. You're welcome, Ma'am.

2. Where did you come from, Honey?

Ever wondered where the name Lovehoney came from? Let us explain…

We were flicking through a book on retro sex movies, looking for inspiration for a name when we came across the Russ Meyer flick Mudhoney. Lovehoney instantly popped into our head and that's how the company got its name (nothing to do with the urban dictionary entry for love honey - honest!).

Once the name was decided on, it made sense that everything was delivered "Love, Honey". It begged the question, what does Honey look like?

The original sketch for Honey was drawn by a cartoonist who was told to aim for "a cross between catwoman and Barbarella".

Honey was the friendly face of the company for nine years but when Lovehoney rebranded in 2011, she went into retirement. Two life-sized cardboard cutouts of Honey now haunt the Lovehoney golf course (about which, more later…).

3. Bedfellows

Skateboards of Choice

We share our warehouse with two other companies: party plan business BlueBella and Skateboards of Choice.

As a result, we have a disproportionate number of party planners and skaters. Our very own Hella Rouge even gets involved with the promotional material for Skateboards of Choice and her very own board 'Megan' (pictured left) can be found perched behind her desk.

Having a skateboard company in the building is really useful, and not just because it means we get a staff discount on dildos and skateboards. Sometimes, when we have something really big to send out (the Deluxe Teddy Babe and Giant 28 Inch Double Dildo springs to mind), we head up to Skateboards of Choice for longboard boxes (which are over 3 foot long).

Image: Ed Godden

4. Woof!

DogsIf you ever need a cuddle at Lovehoney, there are two furry, four-pawed employees who will happily oblige.

The brother-and-sister duo Buddy Holly and Dee Dee Ramone are Maltese Shih Tzus that belong to Head Buyer Bonny Hall. Here at Lovehoney HQ they have their own houses (one downstairs and one upstairs, in case they fancy a change of scenery) but can usually be found scouting for biscuits.

Sometimes, they even make it into product photos.

5. Everyone's best-kept secret

This is a factoid that staggers me every time I write it: Lovehoney sells more sex toys online in the UK than anyone else - even You Know Who. More than a third of sex toys bought online in the UK come from our Bath-based warehouse. Rumour has it, we're Royal Mail's largest customer in the city.

If we plug any UK postcode into our system, we will have delivered an order to someone there. Really! Even the far-flung Orkney and Shetland islands - which, in fact, come second in our Scottish Sex Index!

6. Get in!

Co-founder Richard Longhurst has something of a love for golf, and when the Lovehoney office were given a refit they were also given an indoor golf course. Admittedly, it only has one hole. But that's all you need, right?

The golf course came in handy as the backdrop for one of our Halloween 2011 videos - How to Defeat Zombies Using Sex Toys. Check out from 0:35 to see Richard perfecting his putting on the Lovehoney golf course, only to be beset by ravenous zombies.

7. Own brand products

Lovehoney Own Brand ProductsDid you know that Lovehoney have over 400 own brand products? We can hardly believe it either! While the Lovehoney range has been innovating (just look at the Sqweel!) and expanding, we've also been adding new brands that you might not have realised we Lovehoney's very own. The funky Halloween-themed Death by Orgasm, affordable BASIC Sex Toys, high-quality Bondage Boutique as well as Tracey Cox's range and Swoon developed with Julie Peasgood. And there's always another Lovehoney product in the pipeline…

We've also had fun with products like the Commemorative Royal Wedding Cock Ring, and the latest addition to our tongue-in-cheek royal memorabilia line is Her Majazzle.

8. Last night a DJ saved my life

Before Lovehoney co-founder Neil Slateford became a mad, sex toy-inspired genius, he used to be a DJ and music producer. He remixed "Tom's Diner", you know, the "da da da da da da da da" song…

9. U-S-A!

Lovehoney USA

Did you know we also have a business based in the United States? Lovehoney USA operates out of Atlanta, where the team supply Lovehoney sex toys to well-known shops such as Babeland in New York, Pleasure Chest in Chicago, and Good Vibrations in San Francisco, one of the US’s oldest sex toy stores.

10. How was it for you?

With [[stats:reviews]]+ reviews and rising, Lovehoney has the largest database of sex toy reviews in the world. At last count, Lovehoney customers had written 5,346,185 words in praise (and criticism) of basques, butt plugs, bondage and everything in between.

While we're generally very business-like and serious, sometimes there's a corker submitted. Our most notorious review is probably the one where, "I discovered that it's not suitable for officewear".

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