• Gift Guide for Men: How to Buy Sexy Lingerie

    A blokes guide to buying LingerieLingerie is one of the easiest ways to invigorate your relationship and if you get it right, it really is one of the best gifts to give your lover. This guide will help you make the right choices when shopping for lingerie for your wife, girlfriend or lover.

    If you've got this far, you're already winning some brownie points. Well done for taking the initiative to do your research, we can assure you she'll appreciate that little bit of extra effort when she unwraps your lingerie gift and not only does it fit, it's something she'll love and feel great wearing too.

    We know you'll want to get as close to the perfect gift the first time, but if you do happen to miss the mark then you can take advantage of Lovehoney's no-quibble returns policy.

    1. Step 1: Find Out Her Size and What She Likes

      Before we get down to the shopping, there are a few sneaky bits of information that you need to gather to ensure that you're armed with of all the info you need. It's a little like being a detective, you have to amass all of the clues she's left in her closet to build a picture of her perfect gift.

      Print or make a note of the below checklist to gather the information you'll need. You may find that your partner has a lot of differently sized garments: just make a note of all of them for now to ensure you have everything you need.

    1. If you're choosing lingerie as a surprise for her, find out:

      • Bra size (e.g. 32C, 36B etc)

      • Knicker size

      • Clothes size

      • Lingerie styles in lingerie drawer (have a read of our Guide to Lingerie Styles if you're not sure)

      • Fabrics in lingerie drawer

      • Colours in wardrobe

    2. If your partner knows you're buying her lingerie, ask for:

      • Overbust measurement (measure around the fullest part of her bust)

      • Underbust measurement (measure around her ribs, under her bust where a bra sits)

      • Natural waist measurement (measure the smallest part of her waist)

      • Hip measurement (measure the widest part of her hips and bottom)

      • Favourite lingerie styles, colours and fabrics

    If you're not finding many clues in your lover's underwear drawer, then maybe you arrived just in time to spark a well-needed overhaul. If that's the case, our guide How to Choose Lingerie for Your Body Shape will help you to decipher the many shapes that us women come in, but also help you to choose the types of lingerie that suit those shapes. If there are plenty of clues, however, read on...

    1. Step 2: Pick the Perfect Lingerie Set

      Armed with your list, you need to look at the information objectively: it's about buying what she likes more than what you would prefer to see her wearing.

      Choose Her Favourite Colours & Fabrics

      Lovehoney Love Me Lace Chemise Set

      There may be clear colours and fabrics that are her favourite when it comes to underwear, like red lace or black satin.

      Chances are, she likes these colours and fabrics because they look and feel good and make her feel confident.

      Top tip: You can also take inspiration from her collection of dresses. Lots of women wear party clothes that closely emulate the colours and fabrics she would prefer to have in her lingerie drawer.

      These give you a great starting point for finding the right gift. Now, you can search by both colour and fabric in our lingerie sets section.

      So let's say that she likes black lace. To find all of our black lace products, you would firstly visit lingerie sets and then select the black colour and allow the page to load. Then click 'lace' from the fabrics. You are now looking at every product we stock that is made from black lace.

      A Bloke's Guide to Buying Lingerie

    Choose Her Favourite Lingerie Styles

    Lovehoney Adore Me Lace & Microfibre Chemise Set

    As well as noting what she has in her lingerie drawer already, you'll want to call on a few memories to help you pick a style that you know she'll love.

    Think about times when she's dressed up for a romantic night in or out. What did she wear? Does she like to smoulder in satin or lounge in lace? Does she like to go all-out in a corset, or feel flirty and feminine in a babydoll?

    Top tip: If you're having trouble working out what that bra-with-a-dress-attached is called, check out our at-a-glance Guide to Lingerie Styles which will give you the proper terminology to help you search Lovehoney for the right items of lingerie.

    By remembering what she wears when she wants to look and feel her best, you'll discover what helps her to feel confident and sexy - which is the main aim when it comes to dressing for bed. By buying her something she'll feel confident wearing you'll boost her sexual confidence too, which only serve to benefit your sex life together.

    Step 3: Choose the Right Size

    Choosing the right size isn't easy (even if she's buying it for herself) and a lot more forgivable than buying a latex body harness when she's more of a nightdress type of person! Remember that with our 365 day returns policy, you can always swap it for a different size. Here are some tips for getting the perfect fit:

    Dress Sizes 

    Lovehoney Plus Size Spoil Me Satin Babydoll Set BlackEven for the most seasoned lingerie buyers, sizing is an issue. Different brands have different sizes, so one size 8 is another's size 12 and an Extra Small in one brand may be a Large in another. If your partner has 8s, 10s and 12s in her wardrobe, which do you go for?

    Top tip: Look at the labels in her favourite clothes. They're her favourite because she feels confident and usually comfortable in them, which is precisely what you want her to feel in her lingerie. If there is a clear majority of one size, that's your winner.

    Remember to check the size chart on each product page. The comprehensive size chart gives you measurements in inches, cup sizes and clothing sizes. If you have her overbust (bust/chest), waist and hip measurements to hand, this chart will be especially useful to ensure that your chosen gift will fit.

    The size chart is just below the long product description and looks like this:

    Seven Til Midnight Size Chart

    Bra Sizes

    Lovehoney Love Me Lace Halter Bra RedSome lingerie items are measured by bra size. You can easily match this to your partner's bra size that you noted during your investigations.

    Top tip: If she has more than one bra size, she may be in between sizes which is not uncommon for women. If this sounds like your partner, check the size in the bra that she wears most often. This is likely to be the most comfortable one she owns and therefore the best fitting.

    Lots of our lingerie has an underwire but is not sized by bra size. An underwire is the bit of metal in the cup of a bra that holds the shape. If a lingerie item has an underwire but no bra size, check the description to see if the cup sizes it will fit is noted. As a general rule, most of these cups will fit an A, B or C cup with some fitting up to a D cup. If your partner is larger than a D cup, avoiding lingerie with underwires that is NOT sized by cup is your best option.

    One Size

    Lovehoney Floral Lace Crotchless Bodystocking

    Hang on, couldn't you just ignore everything in this guide and buy something labelled 'one size'?

    Well, yes. But remember that one size means one size fits most, not one size fits all. There's always a risk that the item will be a bit too loose, or a bit too tight depending on where your partner's curves are. It'll also depend on how tall she is - if she's 5'11, a bodystocking will fit her quite differently than if she was 5'2.

    If you opt for one size, remember there are two types of one size garments - regular and plus size. If your partner is below a size 16, opt for the regular size. If she is a size 16+, opt for a plus size. Not all one size garments are the same, so check the recommended sizes on each product.

    Our guide How to Buy One Size Lingerie has more information about one size garments.

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