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    Treating yourself to some new lingerie or a sexy costume is a great way to give yourself (and your love life!) a lift. Our lingerie guides help you choose what to buy and our free returns policy means you can buy in confidence.

    What If It Doesn't Fit?

    What if my order doesn't fit?

    Buying lingerie and sexy costumes online can feel like a bit of a risk because you don't have a chance to try anything on before you buy.

    Don't worry! Our free returns mean that you can buy in total confidence. Try on your new lingerie and clothing to see if it fits and feels sexy. At Lovehoney you can always send it back using our freepost returns address for a full refund.

      Buyers GuidesHow To Choose the Right Bra Size

    1. How to Choose the Right Bra size With the majority of women reportedly wearing the wrong bra size, we decided it was high time we shared our expert tips on how to find your correct cup and band measurements in the comfort of your own home.

      This helpful little guide not only shows you how to measure yourself quickly and accurately, but also gives you handy information on finding your sister sizes and how to get the best fit when bras are sized by dress rather than cup size.

      We've also picked out the best non-cup sized bras for your measurements, whether you're a 30B, or a 40F.

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      Buyers GuidesHow to Buy Sexy Lingerie for Women

    1. Men's Guide: How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for WomenLingerie is one of the easiest to invigorate your relationship and if you get it right, it really is one of the best gifts to give your partner. This guide will help you make the right choices when shopping for lingerie for your wife, girlfriend or lover.

      Do a little research, and we can assure you she'll appreciate that little bit of extra effort when she unwraps your lingerie gift and not only does it fit, it's something she'll love and feel great wearing too.

      Follow the tips in this guide to help you choose the perfect gift the first time, but if you do happen to miss the mark then you can take advantage of Lovehoney's 365-day, no-quibble returns policy.

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      Buyers GuidesHow to Buy Sexy Underwear for Men

    1. How to Buy Sexy Underwear for MenSeductive lingerie for men has recently rocketed in popularity everywhere, which is great, but it does mean it can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to spicing up your man’s underwear collection.

      This handy guide covers all the questions that you may have when you’re picking some new pants for your partner, from finding the right fit, to picking the best style and fabric, and even tips on persuading him that he wants to don some exciting new undies.

      Just follow our expert advice to find that special something to vamp up your partner’s sexy wardrobe, and remember, with Lovehoney’s 1-year returns policy, giving it a go is simple and stress-free.

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      Buyers GuidesHow to Choose Lingerie for Your Body Shape

How to Choose Lingerie for Your Body ShapeLooking to buy some sexy new lingerie but aren't sure where to start? Don't worry!

      All you have to do is figure out your body shape and we'll give you the best lingerie suggestions which will flatter and complement your body in the best possible way.

      If you're buying lingerie as a gift for your lover and haven't found many clues in her underwear drawer as to the styles and shapes she likes, then it could be just the right time to spark a well-needed overhaul.

      This guide will help you to choose something that will look stunning on her, ensuring she feels confident and sexy.

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      Buyers GuidesHow to Choose the Perfect Role Play Costume

    1. How to Choose the Perfect Role Play Costume When it comes to dabbling in role play, it can be a little intimidating to know where to start - especially when it comes to what to wear.

      So we've put together this collection of handy hints and tips to help your character play go off without a hitch, be it kinky cops and robbers, or sinful student and strict teacher. From helping you decide exactly what you want out of your games, to the best way to communicate your desires to your partner, we've got you covered.

      There's also our expert selection of the finest costumes to start you on your way - whatever your sexy scenario.

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      Buyers GuidesFitting Guide for Basques and Bustiers

    1. Basques, Corsets and Bustiers ExplainedThere are numerous different definitions for basques, corsets and bustiers that vary between companies. Anything with lacing down the back or an hourglass shape can be referred to as a corset and this can cause a lot of confusion when you're trying to decide what to buy.

      So what is the difference between these garments and how does that change how you wear them? This guide explains the differences between corsets, bustiers and basques and shows you how to choose the correct size for each.

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      Buyers GuidesFitting Guide for Corsets

    1. Fitting Guide for CorsetsPerhaps the sexiest piece of lingerie imaginable, the corset gives you an enviable shape and boosts your confidence - a winning combination in the bedroom.

      However, choosing your first corset can be incredibly daunting - what do all those number mean?! This guide will tell you everything you need to know, from how to measure yourself to how to put a corset on and everything in between.

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      Buyers GuidesHow To Clean Your Lingerie

    1. How To Clean Your LingerieLingerie needs to be stored, washed and dried with extra care and attention to keep it in tip-top condition.

      Whether it's made of lace, silk or high quality cotton, you'll find your sexy lingerie lasts much longer if you take proper care of it.

      Here at Lovehoney, we want to ensure that you get the best from your lingerie.

      That's why we've put together this handy guide to keeping your smalls sorted and your lingerie looking lovely!

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