• How To Measure Your Bra Size

    The benefits of a well-fitted bra cannot be understated. Picking the right bra size is very important, even if it's not straightforward. A good bra should be comfortable, supportive and create a confident cleavage - not a rising back or dug-in shoulder straps. Your body is constantly changing and, chances are, your body has changed since that last time you were measured.

    Most lingerie shops and department stores offer a bra measuring service, but they aren't for everyone. Measuring your bra size at home is a quick and hassle-free way alternative, done in the privacy of your home. Here at BeCheeky we offer a free and accurate bra size calculator - all you need to do is add your measurements!

    Bra Size Calculator

    A - Below

    B - Bust

    C - Above







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    Your bra band (or back) size:

    Measurements for your back size are taken in inches underneath your bust, right around your ribcage. The tape measure should be resting smooth and straight across your back, just where the crease of your bust meets your body. For best accuracy, you should be able to fit one finger comfortably between yourself and the tape measure.

    If your measurement is an odd number (33 inches) you will normally add an extra 3 inches to give you a correct band size. Even numbers (e.g. 32 inches) will have an extra 2 inches added.

    Voila! There’s your band or back size!

    If your band size turns out to be an odd number (i.e. 33”), you will normally find the nearest band size up will fit best (i.e. 34”) but you may also want to try the lower band size (32”), especially if your tape measure was quite loose for the measurement.

    Your bra cup size:

    Your bra cup size

    Use the tape to measure the fullest part of your bust (normally over the nipples), ensuring that the tape isn't held to tight or loose against your body and that it sits straight across your back.

    The difference between your band size and your full bust measurement determines cup size:

    Less than1 inch - AA cup, 1 inch - A cup, 2 inches - B cup, 4 inches - C cup, 4 inches - D cup, 5 inches - DD cup, 6 inches - E cup, 7 inches - F cup, 8 inches - G cup.

    So, if your original back size was calculated at 34 inches and your bust measurement was 38, the difference between is 4 inches and your cup size is D - simple!

    Your above bra size:

    Measure snugly around your rib cage above your breasts and under your arms keeping the tape measure level all the way around.

    This measurement can be in inches or centimetres but must be the same as in steps 1 & 2. note: This third measurement is optional. If you leave this field empty, your bra size will be calculated using only the first two measurements, however, in order to obtain the most accurate results you are recommended to use all three measurements.

    See how a perfectly fitting bra should look and the problems with wearing the wrong size.

    This bra size guide should help you to generally determine the right bra size and is pretty accurate, but BeCheeky.com recommends that you try a variety of brands and styles to determine the best bra size and style for you.

    Remember, BeCheeky.com offers a free no quibble returns and exchange policy so you can shop with us with confidence safe in the knowledge that if you buy a bra in the size you think is correct for you, but it doesn’t fit, you can return it to us free of charge for an exchange or refund.