1. Recycling Help and Information

      Check out these other websites for more ideas and information on recycling.

      Friends of the Earth

      Recycling Top Tips to help householders reduce rubbish, reuse products and recycle. Friends of the Earth also has a useful 50 top tips for reducing waste.

      The Environment Agency

      Advice from the Government on how to recycle and to correctly dispose of your household waste.

      Recycle More

      A one-stop recycling information centre. You will find help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace. Find your local recycling centre. The Recycling Guide and Recycle Now are also good sites.


      Instead of throwing away your old stuff, give it away. Probably not a good idea for your sex toys, but useful for that old bike, bedstead and bamboo chair. You can also try Free2Collect.


      Greenpeace says, "a basic environmental principle is that if you make and sell a product you should be responsible for that product when it is no longer wanted. This is also a basic rule for children: you clean up your own mess."

      Lovehoney is registered as a producer of electrical equipment and pays a duty each year which is used to recycle and process our waste.

    2. Recycling helps save the rainforest!