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      Lovehoney's Rabbit Amnesty is back with a bountiful hop and it's bigger and better than ever before. You can help reduce waste and protect the environment with Lovehoney's sex toy recycling scheme, which enables you to send in your bruised and battered rabbit vibrators, other sex toys or electrical appliances to be recycled in return for the magic of Oh! Points.

      Lovehoney, the largest online sex toy retailer in the UK, launched Rabbit Amnesty in 2007, offering consumers a clean, green way to dispose of their redundant rabbit vibrators and we're pleased to announce that it's still proving to be a resounding success after all these years.

      Since its launch, we have recycled a whopping 30,000 electrical items and donated over £33,000 to the World Land Trust, meaning a happier environment and continued pleasure for Lovehoney customers. 

      How Rabbit Amnesty Works

      After taking the Rabbit Amnesty Pledge, rabbit owners can send their outdated or overused rabbit vibrators, sex toys or electrical appliances to Lovehoney and in return receive Oh! Points which can be spent on sex toys, sexy lingerie or essentials at Lovehoney. The process is simple - the more you recycle, the more Oh! Points we'll give you, which means we're all winners!

      Your second-hand toys will be delivered to a Designated Collection Facility (DCF) where they will be recycled and treated in an ecologically sound manner. For each rabbit or sex toy returned through the Rabbit Amnesty scheme, Lovehoney will also donate 50p to the World Land Trust. Every £100 saves an acre of the rainforest from deforestation. 

      What are the Benefits?

      "Rabbit Amnesty is a unique way for rabbit lovers to enjoy cleaner, greener orgasms," says Lovehoney head buyer Bonny Hall. "By sending an old rabbit to Lovehoney, customers not only get the satisfaction of having it recycled - without the inconvenience or embarrassment of taking a used sex toy to a local council rubbish dump - but they also receive Oh! Points to put towards a brand new sex toy or lingerie at Lovehoney."

      "Although some people might think it's strange to recycle sex toys, rabbit sales are growing every year and we don't want old ones dumped in landfill sites across the country," says Hall. "Rabbit Amnesty will take embarrassment out of the equation and give people the chance to dispose of their rabbits in an environmentally friendly way."

      Under the EU Waste Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Regulations introduced in 2007, householders have a Duty of Care to dispose of waste electrical equipment properly. It's no longer good enough to throw old electrical equipment, including vibrators, in the kitchen bin.

      Lovehoney is committed to adopting greener business practices that will benefit both its customers and the environment. They have joined the Distributor Takeback Scheme to meet its obligations under the WEEE regulations and have gone one step further by launching the Rabbit Amnesty scheme."We hope that Rabbit Amnesty will encourage people to reduce waste by recycling their rabbits," says Hall. "It's another way to do your bit for the environment!"

      Embrace this opportunity to recycle and invest in the environment and your sex life and take the Rabbit Amnesty Pledge now at www.lovehoney.co.uk/rabbit-amnesty. Being green has never been so sexy!

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