1. Rabbit Amnesty FAQs

      What can I send in to be recycled?

      You can send us anything that is classed as WEEE (Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment). If it's a sex toy, it must have vibrating parts - we do not accept dildos. 

      Rabbit vibrators are worth 500 Oh! Points, while other sex toys and WEEE classified electrical items earn you 100 Oh! Points apiece. That includes desk fans, mobile phones and even TVs!

      How should I package my recyclable items?

      Clean the item thoroughly and send to:

      R.A. LH Trading - Recycle XXX (your personal recycle number), 100 Locksbrook Road, Bath, BA1 3EN, UK. 

      How will Lovehoney know who the package is from?

      You will be given a personal Recycle number when you take the Rabbit Amnesty pledge and this is how we know who the package is from. Please write your personal recycle number on the address label so we can find your details.

      Marking your parcel in this way means we know it's a used item so we always use gloves to open the packaging. It can be in an envelope or a box - whatever's close to hand (and preferably reused!).

      There is no need to put anything apart from the item you wish to be recycled in the package as your personal recycle number will give us all of your account information we need when processed. 

      Postage Fees

      A standard postage fee will be incurred depending on the size and weight of the package you are posting to Rabbit Amnesty. 

      Have a question about Rabbit Amnesty? 

      If you have further questions about Rabbit Amnesty, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      You can call us on  0800 011 6899  

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