1. njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt Plug

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      1. njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Bring a little luxury into the bedroom with this stainless steel butt plug. While it's angled for smooth and pleasurable penetration, that's just the beginning of your fun, as the weighty, 200g metal sinks inside and creates a sense of 360° stimulation.

      The medium-size plug is just a shade over 3.5 inches in total length, with the head measuring 3.9 inches in circumference at its widest point. The small stem means the head snuggles inside you comfortably, while the flared base offers extra comfort and fit.

      All njoy toys are cast in 316 grade stainless steel, and hand-polished to a mirror shine - they're absolutely pure, smooth, and non-porous. Heat or cool in warm water or the fridge for extra sensations (but don't put it in the freezer). Clean by any means, but avoid abrasives or you'll lose that lustrous shine!

      The butt plug comes in a deluxe box on a cushion of pink satin, and would be the perfect gift for - or to make - a special occasion.

      Key Features:

      • Medium size stainless steel butt plug
      • Comes in luxury gift box
      • Ringed base gives extra grip
      • Smooth and hand polished
      • Slim stem
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 3.5 inches
      • Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
      • Base type: Finger Loop
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No

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    2. njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt Plug

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      Step-up from smaller butt plugs and enjoy the njoy Pure Medium, a stainless steel butt plug with a firm shape and cool feel. Lovehoney's resident sexpert Annabelle Knight talks through this stainless steel sex toy, explaining its tapered tip and fantastic comfort handle.

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    Customer Reviews

    njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt Plug 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 (19 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Mr. njoy Pure plug is confident for all the right reasons

      Reviewed: 08 February 2016 by Neitseellinen

      Pure plug is pure butt heaven...

      First of all, njoy packaging and storage is beautiful! The plug comes in a black box, that doubles as storage. Inside the box, you have your Pure plug laying in a pink satin "pillow". I personally am not a pink satin lover, but this wasn’t a big deal for me.

      The first thing I noticed when I looked at the Pure plug was how small the medium plug seemed. I actually had to double check the box that the size was for sure a medium and not a small. Yes, it was a medium, just like I ordered. So the sizes do run pretty small in my opinion, or maybe it’s the shape that makes them seem smaller. Even though the size was a bit underwhelming, it was very nicely shaped. The tip is tapered for easy insertion. After the tapering it widens to it’s full size and tapers back down towards the neck of the plug. The neck is narrow, curved and long and at the end of the toy there is the flat finger loop stopper, with the njoy logo pressed in.

      The whole shape, smoothness and size of the njoy Pure plug is created to be comfortable and ergonomic in practical use. Inserting the toy with lube is very easy, just relax and it slides right where it belongs. It feels sturdy and confident inside my butt, and I feel like I can trust it to stay in. I think it's the combo of the weight, the narrow neck and just everything that makes it feel like a part of my body, but still gives me loving sexual reminders during use. The curved shape of the plug is also really enjoyable, because when I use a toy in my pussy, it will nudge the butt plug and create very pleasurable feeling in the whole butt area!

      The Pure plug for me is an amazing sex toy during sexy time. But also because I am a person who loves to live my sexual side in everyday life. I love to wear it out! It is my only butt plug I can truly recommend to everyone!

      The njoy pure plug is also fun for temperature play because of its good ability to retain a certain heat. I also love the fact that it is sterilizable and will last you a lifetime if you take care of it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      It is very comfortable and I can trust it!
      The sizes run small, pink satin.
      Bottom line
      The only butt plug I would care to invest in.
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    1. My first butt plug

      Reviewed: 23 January 2016 by Hornygit

      At the ripe old age of 68 I have become interested in solo anal stimulation and I decided I had to experience a butt plug.

      I read a lot of reviews, all of which were very helpful, and decided to take the plunge and buy myself an Njoy plug. Being an anal novice I decided on the medium size as several reviewers suggested it would be suitable and I placed my order.

      Two days later I was in possession of my Njoy. For twenty minutes I couldn't stop fondling it. It really is an object of tactile beauty. That night, using plenty of lube, I positioned the head against my anus and using only modest pressure I eased it in. In fact the plug seemed to be sucked in, a most pleasant sensation.

      I spent an enjoyable hour or so with it in place and I can confirm that I never felt it to be insecure and that sitting did not present a problem. Removing the plug was just as pleasant as inserting it.

      Although expensive, this is a wonderful little item that will get a lot of use in the future.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Beauty, ease of use, comfort.
      Bottom line
      Excellent sex toy.
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    1. Technically marvellous

      Reviewed: 03 June 2015 by sleepycelia

      I'll get right to the point - the medium njoy pure plug is objectively perfect.

      It's a sleek, ultra-smooth piece of stainless steel polished to a mirror shine, gently bulging at the tip and tapering to a thin neck and a delicate looped base. It comes in a fetching presentation box, lined with pink satin. It is neither too large nor too small, weighs 200 grams, and is one of the most beautifully made sex toys I've ever stuck inside myself.

      If you're looking for a plug to wear out and about, discreetly under your clothes while you go about your business - work, watching TV in your pants, mountain rambling, whatever - there is no reason at all that you shouldn't consider the medium pure plug. It's ridiculously comfortable to the extent that sometimes I even forget I have it in, until I move a certain way and a little shiver goes down my spine. Paired with a squishy silicone toy, it's a foolproof recipe for eye-rolling orgasms.

      They're practical, too. Stainless steel's non-reactive and compatible with any lubricant, so you can use all that lovely silicone lube you've been scared to use with your silicone toys. The steel quickly warms up to your body temperature, so if you're new to metals there's nothing to worry about on that front. And while initially I was a little scared that the loop would make a loud clanging noise if I sat down on a hard surface, it does no such thing. Honestly, I never thought I'd be calling a butt plug - of all the things in the world - discreet, but it really is.

      The bulb of the njoy Medium is around the same size as the large Rosebud plugs, which are another kind of popular stainless steel butt toy. I'm used to this size by now, and the mirror-smooth surface and total lack of drag on the steel makes it even easier to insert than say, a silicone plug - lots of lube and a finger or two is more than enough warm-up for me, personally. It's unobtrusive during penetration too, just a nice, gentle pressure, a very mild stretching sensation that amplifies everything a little more. But this is where it falls short for me (and it's entirely my fault); it's just not quite big enough.

      The njoy Pure plugs are definitely addictive. This one just isn't big enough for me any more - I should've got a large, why didn't I get a large? The 2.0 was on my Christmas list, for goodness' sake. I've been dispensing my change into a jar that I've mentally labelled 'large pure plug fund'. The lack of texture makes steel plugs seem smaller than they really are, and I'd advise sizing up due to this. This really is the only way that these plugs fall short - otherwise, they're totally and utterly perfect.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      I should've bought the large. :(
      Bottom line
      Perfect, but I'd advise sizing up.
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    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 07 May 2015 by Battle Cat, a Straight Going Steady Male

      After doing some careful research on the njoy Pure Plug Stainless Steel Butt Plugs I felt secure that the medium one would be best for me. Even so the cost was far more than I would like to have paid but was assured, from other reviews I've read, that you get what you pay for so in a fit of madness I thought "What the hell!" and went for it.

      I'm not hugely, massively experienced with butt plugs but have toyed with silicone ones and recently glass ones. The glass was a revelation, I love it, and it's not too scary so I figured a metal one would be just as good but I was wrong, it's better. My glass ones have a wider girth and so there's a constant slightly stretched feeling but with the njoy it sits there comfortably, the thrill coming from the weight of it and the feeling as you move around.

      I was initially concerned that the ring loop at the base would stick out too much and make it awkward for sitting down but again this turned out to be absolutely fine as it nestles comfortably between the cheeks and I can sit with no issues whatsoever.

      With my previous plugs I have discovered that they can get quite uncomfortable if you leave them in for an hour or so and you keep having to go and re-lube the damn things. I wore my njoy plug all day yesterday as a test and it was fantastic for leaving in for longer periods. I only reapplied lube twice during the day and even then it wasn't overly uncomfortable beforehand.

      Any lube can be used with this and the medium, for me, slips in without any trouble. I have seen people review the small one and a common comment is they wish they'd gone for a bigger one. I can understand that, even though the medium is the right size for me, and will get a lot of use. I am rather pondering getting a bigger one in the future, finances willing!

      This really is a fantastic product, very comfortable to wear and the ring loop base gives confidence that it won't travel. The njoy box this comes in looks great, it gives the impression of a quality product and thankfully it is.

      I really can't recommend this enough.

      It's good for temperature play too. I like warming it up under a hot tap a bit first (not too hot!) and you can also pop it in the fridge for half an hour to get a chill thrill. You can boil it to sterilize it too, essential if you're sharing, and cleaning is an absolute breeze.

      I can also confirm that it was delivered in discreet packaging to save the blushes.

      It really is worth the money, I'm really glad about that! Buy with confidence.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      The weight, the comfort, the quality.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic product, well worth the money.
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    1. Think I'm addicted

      Reviewed: 23 April 2015 by WalkOnTheWilderSide, a Straight Married Male

      Wow! What can I say, this is just a fabulous toy.

      From opening the packaging (it honestly looks like a piece of art sitting in its elegant box), through to seeing the highly polished metal of the toy itself, you know this is something different to most other anal toys.

      The shape is clearly unlike most regular butt plugs, with the bulbous head and ring shaped handle connected by a narrow neck. This toy doesn't leave you feeling stretched as some do, it provides pleasure from its weight and pressure as you move about.

      The weight is noticeable as you lift it from the box. Out of interest, I stuck it on the kitchen scales and it weighs almost exactly half a pound (of shiny pure stainless steel).

      Even as a relative novice to anal play, with just a dab of lube I found that my ass was easily opened and stretched by the bulbous head. There is an exquisite sensation once you are past the widest point and my ass greedily swallows the rest of the toy, leaving just the handle nestling between my cheeks. Once in place, you definitely know it is there! The weight of it means you cannot forget it. I can't imagine what the larger njoy toys are like to wear!

      Ideal for wearing for longer periods of time, the handle means the toy will stay in place and can be "tweaked" occasionally for extra fun. I did wonder if the handle would be noticeable when sitting but it actually fits so well between my ass cheeks that you wouldn't know it was there.

      I started off using this warmed in hot water so it was at least at body temperature. Lately, I've taken to using it cold for extra enjoyment. When cooled, the sensations you get on first inserting the cold steel plug are mind-blowing. All I can think about is the lump of chilly metal that has just entered my ass! Can't recommend this enough.

      The dilemma is, do I stick with this medium toy or go for the larger one or even the njoy 2.0. Decisions, decisions!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      It is a work of art. Beautiful presentation. Great fit and easy to keep clean.
      I now want something bigger!
      Bottom line
      Half a pound of steel perfection.
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