1. The Swan Wand USB Rechargeable Powerful Wand Vibrator

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      A double-ended vibe for never-ending pleasure, Swan's USB rechargeable wand vibrator combines sleek silicone, killer curves and a motor in each end for beautiful and powerful intimate pleasure. Sculpted for intense G-spot stimulation or sensual massages.

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      1. The Swan Wand USB Rechargeable Powerful Wand Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      A double-ended vibrator for never-ending pleasure, Swan's USB rechargeable wand vibrator combines sleek silicone, killer curves and a motor in each end for beautiful and powerful intimate pleasure. Sculpted for intense G-spot stimulation or sensual massages.

      A lesson in understated elegance, the curved form of this double ended Swan vibrator is contoured to work with your body. 7 intense vibration modes in each end tease and awaken sensitive nerve-endings, sending extra-powerful vibrations reverberating through the toy.

      Use the larger 6.75 circumference end for sensual massages, gliding its tactile form over tired shoulders or intimate external spots as part of foreplay. Craving an explosive G-spot orgasm? The slender end has a 5 inch circumference and is the perfect size and shape for targeted G-spot stimulation.

      100% seamless for a 100% playable surface area, enjoy absolute freedom to explore the pleasure potential of this vibrator in its full capacity.

      Enhance your pleasure with extra slip and slide from a good squeeze of water-based sex lube.

      Key Features:

      • Powerful double-ended wand vibrator by luxury toy experts Swan
      • Sleek silicone form with 100% playable surface area
      • Curved, bulbed end for G-spot stimulation with 5 inch circumference
      • Larger end for sensual massages with 6.75 circumference
      • 2 separately controlled motors in each end with 7 functions
      • Waterproof and USB rechargeable with travel lock
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 10.5 inches
      • Insertable Length: 10.5 inches
      • Circumference: 6.75 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Silicone
      • Flexibility: Firm
      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Duration: 510 minutes

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    1. The Swan USB Rechargeable Powerful 7 Function Double Ended Vibrator

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      The Swan's double ended vibrator unites sleek silicone, killer curves and a USB rechargeable motor in both ends to deliver the most beautiful and powerful form of intimate pleasure. Crafted for intense G-spot stimulation and sensual massages.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      The Swan Wand USB Rechargeable Powerful Wand Vibrator 5 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

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      1. The Swan Wand USB Rechargeable Powerful Wand Vibrator
      2. The Swan Wand USB Rechargeable Powerful Wand Vibrator

        Only: £99.99

    1. Best Toy Ever

      Reviewed: 09 May 2016 by Lovepuff1985, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I think the review title sums up how we feel about this toy. As someone who is fairly comfortable with themselves, I don't get too upset to hear my partner practically beg me to get the toy back out.

      Okay, so to the specifics. The toy came quickly and, as always, discreetly packaged.

      When opening the box one of the first things you notice is the quality of the Swan's packaging.

      The wand itself is smooth and feels weighty (not in a bad way). It came with what seemed like a full charge, so we could get straight to using it.

      The vibrations are intense. I mean REALLY intense. My partner goes wild over this unlike any other. You can control these each end by the buttons in the middle. The positioning of the buttons can be awkward during any insertion, however, as both ends can be used. There really isnt anywhere else for them to go. To turn off, simply hold both buttons together.

      The smaller end is about the same thickness as the average guy. The larger end is... well, you might take a bit of working before being able to comfortably use that for inserting. Saying that, it's sexy as hell watching her try.

      I can honestly say this has well and truly been £99 well spent, and we have already started talking about getting a mains wand to see if anything can beat the vibrations of the Swan Wand. I can't imagine her liking anything more. :D

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shape, size, vibrations.
      Nothing to include here.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic, great quality. Worth every penny.
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    1. Power queens and water babies this is the wand for you!

      Reviewed: 09 November 2015 by Fun Louise, a Straight Engaged Female

      This review has actually taken me a couple of months to formulate. I wanted to thoroughly test the wand before writing the review, and it took me ages and loads of play to be able to take the large end penetratively. Okay, okay I'm running on ahead a bit.

      Right let’s start at the beginning. I had been looking at wand vibrators for a while before ordering the The Swan Wand USB Rechargeable Powerful Wand Vibrator. I chose the Swan wand because I really like a penetrative toy, and I enjoy playing in the bath and shower. So I needed my wand to be waterproof. This ruled out all the mains-powered wands (obviously!). Of the remaining options, the Swan, offering penetrative play as well, won hands down.

      Lovehoney delivered my Swan wand in the familiar plain brown box. (I'm sure the postman knows - he grins each time he delivers me a box.) Inside, the Swan wand is presented in a large mat black hard box, bearing an illustration of the Swan on the front. Opening the magnetic closing box reveals the Swan wand itself, as well as the USB charging cable, a black satin storage bag, and a guarantee and instruction booklet.

      Before getting started I charged the wand. This could not be easier. Simply insert the charger into the centre of the toy and then plug into any USB charging port. (I used my iPad charger.) There is a small red charging light that indicates when the wand is fully charged.

      The Swan wand is large! It is 10.5 inches in length, the smaller end is 5 inches in circumference, and the large end is 6.75 inches. The Swan is pink, although it is not a bright garish pink. In fact, it is not a million miles away from purple. The Swan's entire surface is covered in smooth medical grade silicone. The silicone is perfectly smooth and not draggy, but it does seem to attract fluff and dust. The wand is powered by not one but two independently controlled bullet vibrator motors. The controls are super simple - there are just two push buttons.

      Having charged the Swan wand I pressed the button on one end of the wand, and nothing happened. I tried the other end and again nothing. Right, instruction book time, I must be doing something wrong. Ah yes, the travel lock, silly me. To unlock the travel lock you push and hold both buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds. The Swan will give a small vibrate to indicate it is unlocked and ready to use.

      I pressed the button on the smaller end of the wand and it buzzed into life. The first three settings are constant vibrations, low, medium and high, then the patterns. To change between patterns, simply press the button quickly. Having found a pattern that you like, you can increase the intensity of the vibrations by pressing and holding the button down. Each end has three constant and four patterns of vibration. Both the large and the small ends can be operated independently. So you can have one end on one pattern and the other one completely different pattern. You can completely customise your pleasure.

      Oh, it's worth noting, to turn off the wand you need to hold both the buttons down together, and to lock the travel lock, press and hold down both buttons and the wand will again give a short vibration to indicate it is locked.

      Having explained how the Swan wand operates, let's move onto how it feels. In one word, amazing!

      The first time I used the Swan wand I used the larger end on my clit and had a very powerful orgasm. I then turned the wand round and inserted the small end. The control buttons are in the centre of the wand, so you can insert the wand 5 inches and still reach the buttons. You can insert it much further if you wish, but you will not be able to reach the buttons to change the settings. This didn't bother me as I had found a setting that I was enjoying... Enjoying a lot! Several orgasms later I withdrew the wand and tried to insert the larger 6.75-inch end. No joy! I was very excited and had several orgasms under my belt, but still the larger end just would not go in.

      I have a glass dildo and a silicone dildo of very similar size that I enjoy regularly, but accommodating the large end of the Swan took a lot of time and practice. I guess it's the shape. But finally today I managed it, all of it. Wow! I had several orgasms and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

      The Swan wand is brilliant, but not perfect. It is a little louder than I expected. It is pink, and I'm really not a fan of pink. The control buttons can be hard to reach when you are using the toy penetratively, but to be honest you have got to put the buttons somewhere, and seeing as the whole surface of the wand is a playable surface, they are in the best place they could be.

      The Swan wand is too powerful for my OH. He said it's too rough for him. He does like it used on his tight calf muscles, but not on his genitals.

      In summary, the Swan wand is powerful, unbelievably versatile, simple to use and high quality. It is a little loud, and pink, but also waterproof and can be used penetratively as well as a bodywand. If you like to play in the bathroom, and you enjoy a powerful toy, the Swan is well worth saving up for. I will not be giving mine up anytime soon!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Unbelievably versatile, powerful, rechargeable, waterproof and 100% playable surface.
      A little loud, and a little more expensive than other wands.
      Bottom line
      The most versatile wand vibrator you could ever wish for.
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    1. Excellent, it's improved my 'me' time completely

      Reviewed: 28 September 2015 by Pipdip, a Straight Single Female

      I was in desperate need of upgrading my selection of toys, having settled into a bit of a rut, always reaching for one of my boring battery operated bullets mainly for convenience as it took 2xAA. I felt like it just wasn't doing the job unless I had brand new batteries in it every other use, and I was absolutely fed up of buying/replacing batteries. I even switched to rechargeable batteries. Then it developed a rattle and I was done.

      So my main criteria when searching were more power and being easily rechargeable, as well as being waterproof for easy cleaning and bathtime fun. I was looking for any particular type of vibe, not just at bullets, and thankfully that meant I didn't miss this beauty!

      I was really attracted to the seamless design of The Swan Wand, it met my needs and another major bonus is that it is effectively 2 vibrators in 1, with an independent motor in each tip! Talk about getting your money's worth!

      So I ordered one, and I'm so glad I did. I opened the plain cardboard delivery box with excitement, and was met with some classy-looking packaging. The Swan Wand comes in a sturdy black box with a magnetic flap type closure and some white and pink printing on the outside. There is an image of the toy on the box so that you know immediately that you have received the right item, but it is just an outline shaped filled with pink colour rather than a photo image; much more subtle. Upon opening, you find the wand in a factory-sealed plastic bag, a charging cable and a satin storage pouch as well as some instructions and information on the product range.

      I couldn't wait to get mine on charge, and it's made pretty easy with the USB charging cable (marked with a swan label so you'll always know what item it's for) and a headphone-like jack plug that is pushed into a hole in the middle of the wand. This is quite stiff to do due to the watertightness of the wand, but I find that reassuring. It might be no good for people with arthritis etc. Mine didn't come with any charge so as painful as it was, I left it to charge overnight.

      The Swan Wand is beautiful. Feminine without being girly, the velvety smooth hot pink silicone is virtually seamless. It is less draggy than other silicone toys I have had but not totally dragless, although I use lube every time anyway so that doesn't matter too much to me. The velvet texture makes it a total dust magnet (as with most silicone toys I've found), but the satin storage pouch keeps that in check.

      Once charged, it is really easy and intuitive to use. The buttons are a decent size and press easily with a little click so you know it has registered, and scrolling through the programs gives you 3 speed settings and 4 patterns.

      The vibrations on this vibrator are super powerful. The larger rounder end is more rumbly and the slimmer end is more of a buzzy rumble, truly giving you 2 vibrators in one. I didn't really understand what the difference between buzzy and rumbly would be, but no explanation was needed as it was perfectly clear as soon as I switched on The Swan Wand! Just the sound, and the feel of it on my fingertips showed me how much deeper and stronger these vibrations were. I prefer using the rounder rumbly end on my clit as the shape touches way more of the surrounding area and the vibrations rumble through my pubic bone. I thought I might be able to use this end internally as it looks like it could sit really nicely inside me and rumble on my G-spot, but even with a lot of lube I found it too uncomfortable to insert. However, the slimmer end does a fine job and gave a the strongest penetration orgasm I've ever had from a toy!

      Now, time for full disclosure, I have nothing like the power of this vibrator to compare it to - no other wands, no mains powered etc. But I don't really think I'm likely to try any others either, as this powerful rumbly 2-in-1 vibrator does everything I could want and more. The only thing is, it hasn't replaced the bullet I originally wanted it to, and that comes down to one thing. Noise. It's loud. You can't have everything, and there's no way you could sensibly compare this to a bullet as it is so much more, but I cannot use this with other people in the house. There's no way. I'm pretty sure my neighbours can hear it, although they probably wouldn't guess what it is (or so I tell myself!). So I'm going to have to buy a smaller quieter vibe as well for when my housemate is in, probably the Lelo Mia 2 looking at it. More money, ugh. But I don't regret a single penny I've spent on The Swan Wand. It has rocked my world.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. It's a sleek, beautiful, feminine, rumbly, powerful, waterproof, 2-in-1 vibrator. I love it!
      It's loud. It's not off-putting, but I can't use it when my housemate's in.
      Bottom line
      Excellent, it's improved my 'me' time completely!
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