1. Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle

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      Spank for longer and test your sub's limits (without getting an achy palm) with the Tease Spanking Paddle. Dual-sided for versatility and made for beginners, this spanker is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to explore erotic spanking.

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle

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    1. Product Description

      Spank for longer and test your sub's limits (without getting an achy palm) with the Tease Spanking Paddle. Dual-sided for versatility and made for beginners, this spanker is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to explore erotic spanking.

      With 2 sides to explore, unlocking the arousing sensation of impact play is easy. The glossy red satin surface offers soothing strokes and buffered spanks that build anticipation, while the smooth leather side delivers intensified, audible slaps that'll make you both tingle with delight.

      To make sure you get the most from this beginner's bondage tool, we've finished it off with an easy-to-grip 6 inch handle and wrist loop. Swing with confidence during use and, when you're finished, hang it up safely ready for next time.

      Key Features:

      • Satin and leather red spanking paddle for versatile impact play
      • Dual-sided for variation of contact - soothing satin and provocative leather
      • Measures 12.5 inches overall with 6.5 inch long and 2.4 inch wide spanking surface
      • 6 inch handle with wrist loop enables confident swings and easy storage
      • Perfect for BDSM beginners
      • Part of the Tease by Lovehoney collection
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 12.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Material: Leather

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    1. Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle

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      Extend your arm and your pleasure with these Tease Spanking Paddles. Dual-sided for versatility, our non-intimidating beginner's spanker is a perfect introduction to BDSM gear. Explore both sides to discover its full, thrill-inducing potential.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle 7 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle
      2. Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle

        Only: £16.99

    1. Happy Spankers

      Reviewed: 02 January 2016 by NatandTom, a Straight Going Steady Female

      After being fortunate enough to test the blindfold and handcuffs from this range, my partner and I were very excited when the rest of the range launched. So much so, that we ordered the red crop and this delightful red paddle a few days later on the 2 for £20 offer. We’ve had it for a while and still cannot find anything negative to say about it. It’s remained in perfect condition and has won us both over completely.

      It arrived in a simple cellophane packet, which just protects from dust or it getting damaged on its journey. There is a Tease by Lovehoney sticker on the front with the Lovehoney logo, which is a nice touch. Looking through the clear plastic, I was very excited to see the luxurious red shining through. Red’s my favourite colour, so of course I had to go for this one. There is a small information leaflet attached to the paddle explaining how to spank safely, and there’s also a reminder of using safe words which I like.

      At the moment we only own one other paddle and that is the Fifty Shades Twitchy Palm, one we got on offer when we were still very new to Lovehoney. It has gotten quite a lot of use and has actually started to lose shape over time. I’m very happy to own a second paddle at long last, and this has made me crave being spanked more regularly with something other than his hand. It’s quite similar to the Fifty Shades one with one padded softer side and a harder side but this one has a few advantages.

      First of all, this one feels amazing on both sides. It looks fantastic and has a couple of things the Twitchy Palm doesn’t. It’s quite a sturdy paddle. I was expecting something a little flimsier but that’s certainly not the case. This means the paddle isn’t flexible, so you do need some force behind it if you really want to experience the thwacking of your life. The little extras this paddle has would be the Lovehoney tag on one side of the paddle and also a wrist loop. The wrist loop is a great touch as sometimes the Twitchy Palm paddle has been known to fly out of his hand if he’s spanking more aggressively, whereas this hasn’t and hopefully will not happen again thanks to the handy wrist loop. This is safer for beginners to bondage and just makes it easier to hold and swing in general.

      The super smooth and shiny satin side is the perfect entry to paddle spanking. It’s fairly soft and provides a gentle tap without really inflicting any pain. This is the perfect warm-up side, but even this side can produce a decent sting if there’s enough force aiming at your backside. I usually like him to start with this side and then swap between this and the harder side until I’m ready for thwacks with just the leather side.

      The leather side is the best and is definitely usable for beginners and advanced users alike. It’s all about the way it’s swung and the pressure behind it rather than the paddle itself. If swung with a light amount of pressure you will feel it but it won’t be excruciatingly painful, it just feels like a cheeky slap from your partner but has a more precise area of contact. The harder the paddle is swung the greater the thwack, and trust me, this has the potential to be a right stinger. It tingles after a while and doesn’t leave excessive marks, but it does leave enough of a feeling that you can still feel where you’ve been hit when you sit down a few hours later.

      Overall this withholds the standards of the rest of the Tease range and is an excellent well welcomed piece of equipment in our bedroom. The price will make this the perfect option for people who are just venturing into bondage or people who aren’t sure whether they’d like the sensation or not. We've had it for a few months and it has maintained shape perfectly, and we'd definitely replace it if anything happened to it. If you’re hesitating buying this paddle, I hope you take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great quality, wrist loop, price, colour, offers different sensations.
      I don't dislike anything.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic upgrade from the Twitchy Palm.
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    1. Paddle me red.

      Reviewed: 11 September 2015 by OUCH! Thank you ;), a Straight Married Female

      The lovely sex toy fairy at Lovehoney sent me this Tease Spanking Paddle in exchange for an honest review, so I’ll say thank you to her first.

      My favourite colour is and has always been red, so when I saw in the email that I was being sent a red satin paddle to test I did a little girly squeal. It wouldn’t just be red, but shiny red. Such excitement!

      When it arrived I could see it through the clear plastic bag and couldn’t wait to get it out. Oddly, I was a little mesmerised by the product tag. It’s a splash of white text on a background of a lovely, deep, burnt red and there’s something sensual about it that I kinda like, so well done whoever chose that design to head up the new Tease line.

      The paddle itself is lovely, though it is just the original Lovehoney Tease Me purple paddle in different clothing, just like the Fifty Shades of Grey one is. One side is a smooth, tight, black leather which provides a satisfyingly loud crack when it hits the skin, the other side is glossy, sexy red satin which offers a gentler, padded tap.

      The shape of the paddle's handle makes it easy to grip and aim, and there’s a little wrist loop at the base to make sure it doesn’t go flying should you inadvertently let go mid-swing. It’s got a good weight to it – not so heavy that the wielder's arm starts to ache after a few swings, but not so light that the taker is left wondering whether or not they’ve actually been spanked.

      Our favourite way to use this type of paddle is to warm up with the padded side then switch to the flat side once my skin is primed. The edges of this paddle feel quite rough to me, and my husband makes the most of this by scraping it across any areas where he manages to raise my skin. That feels very nice and I tend to leap around a little bit to guide him to where I want to feel it next.

      This isn’t a hardcore paddle by any means so if we want rougher play we’ll use something else, but for those teasing sessions when we don’t want to play a game of hunt the safe word, it’ll definitely be one we reach for.

      If you’re looking for an entry level paddle this would be a great place to start. It’s non-intimidating, the red satin is sexy but that flash of black from the hard side can offer a little bit of menace depending on the wielders attitude. As long as the limits of both parties are respected this paddle is suitable for all.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's red and shimmery and sexy.
      Bottom line
      Perfect entry level paddle that can be enjoyed by all.
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    1. Brand Spanking Phew!

      Reviewed: 10 September 2015 by RedCheeks, a Bisexual Single Female

      Wanting to try spanking with a new play partner I easily opted for the sensual red version of the Tease by Lovehoney Spanking Paddle. It is a lovely cherry red shade in person so it impressed me from the moment it arrived.

      The packaging is Lovehoneys usual classy style and the attached tag contains lots of helpful information for those who are new to spanking.

      One side of the paddle is black leather, the other a lovely bright red satin. My first thought was that it would be interesting to compare the impact of each side!

      Sure enough in use this paddle turned out to be a two in one toy creating two very different levels of impact. The leather side has a sharp thwack to it while the satin side has less bite to it and delivers a cushioned blow which would be suited to either beginners or for warming up. Both the look of the paddle and 'double-performance' pleased us greatly!

      The shape of the handle is comfortable to hold even for long sessions and it comes with a handy wrist strap so it can also be proudly hung on display in the bedroom.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The vibrant colour, double sided design creates different sensations.
      Bottom line
      Double the pleasure/pain from this double sided paddle. Delivers both looks and function.
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