1. Coco de Mer Enraptured Figment Massage Candle 200g

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars4 reviews

      Come on baby, light my fire. Enriched with luxurious shea butter and almond oil, Coco de Mer's fig and orange massage candle is perfect for igniting a spark in the bedroom. Just light the wick, and drizzle the warm wax onto bare skin for a sensory treat.

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      1. Coco de Mer Enraptured Figment Massage Candle 200g

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    1. Product Description

      Come on baby, light my fire. Enriched with luxurious shea butter and almond oil, Coco de Mer's fig and orange massage candle is perfect for igniting a spark in the bedroom. Just light the wick, and drizzle the warm wax onto bare skin for a sensory treat.

      Designed to moisturise as it soothes, the scented oil provides the perfect accompaniment to a long, luxurious massage. Whether it's as a prelude to further intimacy, or simply to help your partner relax after a long day, the smooth sensations are certain to delight.

      Key Features:

      • Fragrant fig and orange-blossom massage candle from Coco de Mer
      • Light the wick to melt the candle and release the essential oils
      • Scented with fig, cedarwood, ylang ylang, orange blossom and jasmine
      • Nourishing shea butter and almond oil hydrate the skin
      • Presented in a gift box
    1. Essential info

      • Veggie suitable: Yes
    2. What it does

      • Pharmacy drug type: Oil
      • What's it for?: Massage

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Coco de Mer Enraptured Figment Massage Candle 200g 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Coco de Mer Enraptured Figment Massage Candle 200g
      2. Coco de Mer Enraptured Figment Massage Candle 200g

        Only: £24.99

    1. Like food for your skin

      Reviewed: 21 June 2016 by Lovehoney - Claire O, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This candle is luxurious heaven and I could not recommend it enough.

      Being lucky enough to work at Lovehoney, I'd already had a quick sniff of this product before purchasing, and so knew I had to have one. The candle oozes luxury from the elegant design of the packaging down to the quality of the sensual oil. The box itself is a work of art, and I felt rather guilty about throwing it away, especially once you notice the intricate illustrations that adorn the inner sleeve. The pot is simple and discreet, which means you can display this in your home without anyone being aware of the salacious intentions that it can lead to.

      Like food for your skin, the Enraptured Figment massage candle burns to unleash richly emollient oils, combined with a nourishing wax to soften and hydrate the skin. The delicate aroma of fig creates a beautiful soothing ambiance, leaving the bedroom smelling great both before and after play.

      An inspired idea, offering the most pleasant and indulgent way to relax. The quality of the soywax makes it the perfect consistency for first-time wax play as you can pour it directly on the skin without it being too hot, creating a gentle warm tickle over your skin.

      In fact my partner and I prefer pouring the oil directly over each other as I found the spoon a little small and pointless (my only, insignificant gripe). The resulting oil glides easily over the skin absorbing gradually to leave the incredible aroma lingering on the skin for a good while after. You only need a small amount of oil to go a long way and even after multiple uses there's still a good amount of wax left. Well worth the money!

      I'm not a huge fan of flowery scents which is why this candle over Coco de Mer's Roseravished version appealed to me more. I light it not just when in need of a sensual massage, but also just to relax and soak in the incredible smell. I absolutely love it. I've bought it for friends as gifts, and will make sure to replace when it runs out for myself.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The smell, the consistency, the feel on skin. Everything really.
      Bottom line
      A beautiful smelling candle, with added sensual fun.
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    1. For those who want some burning desire

      Reviewed: 13 April 2016 by bex1213, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Coco Chanel said that the luxury is the opposite of vulgarity, and this product is the ultimate proof of that statement. From its elegant yet simple design in packaging to the smooth sensations of the oil, this candle screams chic luxury and would be a beautiful addition to the collection of anyone who enjoys massage and specifically hot oils.

      This is without a doubt one of the most beautifully packaged products I have ever used. The simple and sophisticated brown colour, with the subtle addition of 18th century style pornography on the inner sleeve, is erotic yet understated, and the fact that it is a non-gendered colour means that it would be a perfect gift for any significant other.

      The container of the candle itself is a brown glass jar keeping to the overall colour scheme - a nice detail and certainly designed well. The jar is heavy and sturdy (I can attest to this after I accidentally dropped the delivery box on the floor and my Coco de Mer products were still flawless!). The spoon it comes with is a really beautiful touch. It is glass and very slightly curved. Totally reusable and easy to clean.

      Now for the main event: using it. The smell is something you either love or hate. I can’t recommend this based on scent as everyone is different, but just to give you a general idea I would say that this blend of Fig, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Orange flower, and Jasmine is an unusual one. It’s very sweet smelling, could be sickly to those who don’t particularly like figs, and has a deep earthy quality. I would liken it to a warm scent of freshly mowed grass, which I absolutely love, but might not be for everyone.

      Compared to the other massage candles we have used, the oil is very thick and oily, perhaps because it is a soy candle. This has pros and cons when it comes down to using this product.

      Firstly, the positives. Soy candles are 100% vegetarian friendly, and guilt free luxury is a rarity. The oil is very low burning, so it rarely gets to the point where you could burn yourself while using it. In fact, we left the wick lit while we used the product (not sure this is recommended) and had absolutely no problems with heat.

      When it’s being rubbed in, this oil is so thick it glides across your skin, leaving the scent there fully for you to enjoy. In fact, it fills the room with the lovely scent and helps with the romantic atmosphere generally. This product begs to be used with hot stones or similar items because of its rich consistency and you get a deep, sensual massage.

      Now for the negatives. To use this candle properly, you absolutely must plan in advance as the oil takes an age to melt enough. We left it on for a solid 30 minutes and it had only slightly pooled. It was usable but we had to leave it burning during the massage so that we could continue using it.

      While the material of the spoon meant it can hold heat and didn’t immediately cool the wax, the thickness of the oil meant the spoon was simply not practical as it was too shallow to get more that a few drops at a time, and when you’re using wax like this the name of the game is speed!

      We found that the wax would solidify on my skin if my partner didn’t quickly start to massage me. While it does leave your skin silky smooth, it also might not completely be absorbed and my back felt oily the next day from the product.

      As a quick ‘user’ suggestion, my partner said he’s found that it burns more evenly if you level out the wax after use. That way you don’t get oil wasted on the edge of the jar.

      This candle could lead to the best sex of your life if you like feeling oily and smooth with your partner, but be aware that is this absolutely not a lubricant. Firstly, it is oil based so unusable with most types of condoms. Also it is packed full of perfumes that might create nasty consequences for female users.

      That being said, I have extremely sensitive skin and have had no breakouts or skin issues related to this product on any other portion of my body. Just make sure your partner washes his/her hands before venturing further south!

      All in all, this is a gorgeous product and can’t be flawed on elegance and sophisticated presentation. Based on your personal preferences, this could be a perfect fit or it could be not quite right for what you like in a massage. It’s a lovely gift, and apart from the fabulous Regency Style porn on the insert, which you only notice upon close inspection, no one would ever suspect this was purchased from a sex toy website.

      You can display this in your home without shame, and I’m even contemplating purchasing this as a luxury gift for my mother to help with her arthritis pain. Yes, using this candle is that good and I would recommend it for anyone who loves or is interested in taking their sensual massages to the next level.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The presentation, smell, everything really!
      Wax can be difficult to clean up and takes a long time to melt.
      Bottom line
      Luxury and elegant design. Truly a beautiful product.
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    1. The complete definition of luxury

      Reviewed: 10 April 2016 by pinkanimal, a Straight Married Female

      Wow. To be told you are receiving a luxury item like this is truly an honour.

      This arrived and from just opening the box you are hit with luxury. The candle box was exquisitely packed with tissue paper safely and expertly presented.

      The candle itself comes in a deep red box in cardboard outer. The outer is white and decorated in red with amazing designs which just add to the luxurious experience.

      The candle has a unique scent made from the combination of the following:

      Fig, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Orange flower, Jasmine. I have to say the scent in the air when lit is very faint.

      The candle comes with a little spoon for scooping out the oil when there is enough to use.

      Now, I will say you have to know you want to use this hours before you need it. Because it needs to be lit for a good 2-3 hours to get a decent amount of oil to use.

      Using it the oil glides nicely across the skin and doesn't get absorbed too quickly. The oil leaves the skin soft and smelling divine.

      This candle is everything I expected and more from a luxury product. I do think the price is a lot for a massage candle but on the other hand it is certainly worth the price for a little bit of luxury in the bedroom.

      Spoil yourself. Spoil your significant other. You won't regret it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The fact it left my skin soft and smelling nice.
      The fact it takes hours to get a decent amount of oil.
      Bottom line
      A wonderfully luxurious candle to bring a little bit of heaven into the bedroom.
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