1. Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

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      Explore sensory play with a set of adjustable nipple clamps. Suitable for beginners and advanced players, these nickel-free clamps are fully adjustable and feature tiered metal chains for added weight and sensation. Adjust each clamp for a perfect pinch.

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      1. Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

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    1. Product Description

      Explore sensory play with a set of adjustable nipple clamps. Suitable for beginners and advanced players, these nickel-free clamps are fully adjustable and feature tiered metal chains for added weight and sensation. Adjust each clamp for a perfect pinch.

      Unique in their design, the metalwork on these clamps is finished with a rose coloured tint which it not only eye-catching, but extremely complimentary on any complexion.

      Key Features:

      • Adjustable nipple clamps for enhanced sensory play
      • Screw-pin crocodile clips feature PVC cushioning and offer a custom pinch
      • Clamps connected via 2 x tiered chains (shortest measures 11.5 inches)
      • Nickel-free and non-tarnishing for longevity and safety
      • Unique rose-tinted metal finish is eye-catching and flattering against all complexions
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 16 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Metal
      • Supplier Material: Metal
      • Contains latex: No

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    1. Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

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      Explore the perfect pinch with sensory play from a set of these fully adjustable nipple clamps. Suitable for any level players, these nickel-free clamps are fully adjustable and feature tiered metal chains for added weight and sensation.

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    Customer Reviews

    Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps 9 out of 10 9 out of 10 (11 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Beautiful and sexy

      Reviewed: 20 December 2015 by himynameis

      Buy these. Just buy them. Don't even read the rest of this review or any others. Just buy them. Trust me, they are stunning.

      I've never had anything like this before, so when my partner suggested them, I was intrigued, to say the least! Like I said, I've never tried any 'clamping' of sorts, so I read reviews and watched the video, so I knew what I was getting myself into.

      When they arrived I was more than impressed with these beauties, I put them to the lowest pressure because I have very sensitive nipples, and only like them being touched during full blown sex or I find it uncomfortable.

      When I put them on, it was a strange sensation with slight discomfort (not so bad that I wanted to remove them!). Me and my partner proceeded to have sex and I have never felt so sexy before, I'm an average curvy woman and I do feel slightly wobbly when on top but when I had these on it was a massive confidence booster and I loved the way he looked at me, and he loved this newfound confidence!

      I have slowly worked my way up to having them tighter and he even gives them a slight tug now and then to drive me crazy!

      I'm so glad we bought these and I have no doubt you will too!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Everything is beautiful!
      The plastic can stick when removing (not uncomfortable).
      Bottom line
      Amazing! So happy with them.
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    1. Nip Me in the Rosy Buds

      Reviewed: 17 September 2015 by KitsiKiki

      'That was quick,' he said. No, it wasn't like that. He was referring to the speed at which his cock had swollen at the sight of me in these chains. It was the first time I'd worn them, on the very day they arrived. I came downstairs in nothing but these and my matching Entice Rose Gold Clit Clamp. He was surprised and, needless to say, delighted.

      The packaging for the Entice range is very attractive. It makes for no mistakes as to what it contains, though it is not explicit, either. It pictures a (clothed) model holding the product. It is cardboard, ergo recyclable, though the item itself comes in a little plastic bag.

      And the clamps themselves are beyond beautiful. I was drawn to these clamps for three reasons, each of which they live up to.

      The first: the appearance. I am gaga over copper tones, so anything 'rose gold' goes straight on my wishlist. The colour of these things is so captivating, I spent a lot of time just watching the light play over them when I took them out of the box.

      The second reason was the chains. I wanted to try out a bit of weight, as I was not previously experienced in that respect. There is actually a decent amount of heft to these babies - they weigh more in the hand than I had expected. I would say they are a little bit beyond beginner level. But even having dived in a little deeper than intended, I found the added sensations very pleasurable. The weight of the chains adds a bit of 'pull' to the 'pinch' (especially when my SO playfully tugs on them), and the cool, hard feeling on the skin is strangely sensuous. The tiered style lends a touch of visual stimulation, too.

      The third and most important reason was the clip style. I had been wanting a pair of alligator clips and, furthermore, a set of adjustable ones - two birds with one stone, here. Adjustability is just so much better for being sure of a good, if not perfect, fit; and for advancement, if so desired. As for alligator clips, I find they get a better and firmer grip on my nipples. These ones in particular have a pretty fierce bite down at full strength. I loved the immediate pinch and the swelling and tingling sensations that followed.

      The second time I wore them, I had them dangling out of the cups of my basque; that added a bit of twist (literally) to the mix. I admit semi-defeat: after about half an hour, it was too much and I had to relieve the pressure for a bit. After a short rest, I clipped them on again, but again, after a half hour or so, I couldn't take it any more. But it had made my nipples so sensitive, my SO playing with them with fingers, mouth, and Wartenberg wheel, was even more sensational than usual!

      One thing I did find was the silicone grips stuck to my skin when taking them off after wearing them for a while. Since my nipples were already extra-sensitive, this made it a little painful. Which may or may not bother you. I'm not yet sure what the solution to this might be. It seems like lube would affect grip... maybe powder? Other than that, though, I can't find fault with these. They are well-crafted from high-quality materials.

      These clips are one of my personal favourite items in my little box of treasures. They are as strong and beautiful as the woman who wears them, and they remind her of that fact whenever she does!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      The appearance, the pinch, the weight. Everything!
      Absolutely nothing. They are everything I expected them to be.
      Bottom line
      Practically perfect in every way. Strong pinch, decent weight, beautiful and adjustable!
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    1. Oh So Pretty

      Reviewed: 22 April 2015 by Jessa1, a Straight Single Female

      I had been eyeing these clamps for quite a while after seeing them in the flesh. As a fan of rose gold and nipple play, I really wanted to add them to my collection!

      The colour is really lovely, and the clamps and chain feel like good quality. The chain isn't too heavy (not solid metal), so I would happily recommend these to beginners as the weight is not intimidating.

      I previously had a nipple piercing which left one of my nipples without a lot of sensation, so I do need quite a firm grip on my nipples. These clamps are quite nice. However, I would say that they could probably do with being a little firmer if you like a really good squeeze. Even on the 'tightest' setting they could do with being a bit tighter - but again, this probably makes this set appealing to a wide range of people, including beginners who aren't after some real pain, just a nice bite.

      Paired with some sexy underwear the clamps and chain are very sexy, and just the right amount of kink factor for some sexy bedroom play!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Colour, weight, the look when paired with lingerie.
      Could be a bit more "bitey".
      Bottom line
      A pretty addition to your collection.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes