1. Shiatsu Pheromone For Man Eau De Parfum 15ml

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      Boost your lover's attraction with this pheromone room spray from Shiatsu, designed to attract women. Working to subconsciously appeal to your lover by releasing chemical messages into the air, this eau de parfum is perfect for spicing up your sex life!

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      1. Shiatsu Pheromone For Man Eau De Parfum 15ml

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    1. Product Description

      Boost your lover's attraction with this pheromone room spray from Shiatsu, designed to attract women. Working to subconsciously appeal to your lover by releasing chemical messages into the air, this eau de parfum is perfect for spicing up your sex life!

      Shown to have an measurable impact on brain metabolism, pheromones are the perfect way to enhance playtime with your partner. Simply spray on your body, or wherever you decide to play, and let the fun begin!

      Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Water (Aqua), Parfum (Fragrance), Dipropylene Glycol, Dihydro Myrcenol, Iso e Super, Linalyl Acetate, Hedione, Pheromone

      Key Features:

      • Pheromone-enhanced eau de parfum spray
      • Created to attract women and heighten sexual attraction
      • Long-lasting scent to promote attraction
      • Helps to intensify your sex appeal
      • A quick, easy way to spice up your sex life
    1. What it does

      • Pharmacy drug type: Spray
    2. Essential info

      • Condom safe: Yes
      • Veggie suitable: Yes
    3. What it does

      • How fast does it work?: Fast acting
      • What's it for?: Stimulator

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    Customer Reviews

    Shiatsu Pheromone For Man Eau De Parfum 15ml 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 (1 review) Write your own review

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    1. Quite Amazing

      Reviewed: 26 August 2014 by Twilightgirl123, a Gay Single Female

      I was sent this product to test. Was lovely to be getting a freebie; so thank you, Lovehoney.

      The product came very quickly as always in very discreet packaging, which I love because it keeps what's in the parcel pretty much a complete secret from anyone being bit nosy such a postman/woman or the neighbours.

      The product packaging and the bottle that the perfume came in was also very discreet, which was great because I could easily say it was just a normal perfume and not a pefume to attract women, and the bottle doesn't say 'attract women' as I originally thought; it just says women, which could easily mean just the version of the perfume for women, as opposed to the men's version. The bottles design is simple and clear, and I love the silver coloured mirror cap and the sliver spray head.

      The perfume itself has an interesting scent. it's sort of feminine but it sort of smells like a men's aftershave, which may just be me because evey thing smells different to each different person. But I definitely think it had a slight undertone of men's aftershave ,but it smells quite nice anyway. It's sort of sexy. I usually go for a more spicey smelling perfume, but this one was nice to try. Although I wasn't sure about it at the start I have grown to like it. I would say if you aren't sure right away keep on trying it because you might end up liking it, like I did. I think the scent itself once you get used to it is very wearable for daytime and night time.

      The texture of the perfume is nice and it isn't tacky or sticky, which I found to be a problem in other pheromone perfumes, so I was pleased to find that this one wasn't like the other ones I've tried. It sprays really easily and the smell lasts a fairly long time. I went on a day out and I put it on in the morning and it lasted most of the day, and I had to spray again in the evening. I only needed one spray on my wrist to make it last that long, which I think is really good because I didn't have to use a lot and I won't have to use a lot in the future, so it will probably last me quite a while.

      Now the best part. Most pheromone sprays I've tried haven't had the desired affect, which is of course to attract attention. This one worked. I went to my regular club in the evening the other night and I usually hardly get any attention, but I did this time, which was a lovely surprise. I got approached by a few girls and one girl I sort of knew but I didn't know her really well. She offered to buy me a drink and we chatted away and I had a great night and at the end we exchanged mobile numbers, which I never thought would happen. I think this perfume really did work and I was quite nervous at first, but I got used to getting some nice attention and it really is a confidence-booster.

      The bottle is a good size which I think will last me a long time, and it's small enough to fit into a few of my smaller handbags so that's is fabulous. The bottle is also quite sturdy looking so it doesn't look too breakable. I think that the bottle is very well made because I was worried that it might leak in my bag but at the end of the night I was glad to see that it hadn't.

      I would buy this perfume after this one is finished because I have grown to like it so much and it is such a confidence-booster for me and I am 'usually' quite shy. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a little confidence boost and a nice smelling perfume. The price I think would be fairly reasonable for the product and amount of product that you get.

      I love it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Did it Work for Him:
      10 out of 10
      Did it Work for Her:
      10 out of 10
      The scent, the texture. I liked everything.
      Nothing I can think of.
      Bottom line
      A very nice perfume that does what it's designed to do.
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