1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Electrosex Spanking Paddle

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Electrosex Spanking Paddle

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    1. Product Description

      Electrify your playtime with this sexy electrosex spanker. A stunning heart-shaped paddle patterned with metal studs provides thrilling electric tingles from the touch of a button.

      Adjust the intensity and frequency of the shocks with the wired remote and add a kinky edge to spanking or bondage play with this electrosex spanking paddle.

      Perfect for those who are fans of bondage and keen to explore the added excitement of electric shocks.

      Key features:

      - Electrosex spanking paddle

      - Wired remote to control shock frequency and strength

      - Blindfold is also included for added sensory stimulation

      - Batteries included

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Electrosex Spanking Paddle 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Electrosex Spanking Paddle
      2. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Electrosex Spanking Paddle

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    1. What a Surprise

      Reviewed: 12 January 2014 by Sum Sub, a Straight Married Male

      I had spent a long time debating getting this paddle and its high price of £50 is what was putting me off, then I saw it in the sale at around £30 and decided to go for it! When the package arrived, I began regretting it, and it sat for a while unused. The reason for that is it that on first impression it looks really crap. I honestly thought about returning it before even trying it out.

      It’s not that it looks poorly made at all - it is Fetish Fantasy, which is a Pipedream product and they have a certain build quality I am familiar with through their Icicles and Ceramix ranges.

      The problem was that it just looked wimpy. The handle is just over hand-sized and the paddle bit is a nice size too. It is however quite flimsy - it doesn't offer a lot of resistance when being wielded - it has quite a lot flex, and then onto the power unit. The power is provided by a hand held micromouse sized unit housing a cr2032 battery and that just seemed rather wimpy to me. The power unit is connected to the paddle via a wire, you have to hold that as well as the paddle - it doesn't fit inside the handle or anything genius like that!

      I just had this vision of it being too flimsy to hurt and not enough power for it to sting.

      The instructions are not easy to follow upon first reading. It says you can use the hand unit on its own as a massager. Now I realise massager is a euphemism in sex toys, but I really wasn’t expecting anything at all. I’ve never used electrosex toys at all, but just thought with its wimpy appearance and ikkle battery that it would be very disappointing.

      Then I used it and...

      You HAVE to get it.

      I'm really surprised that such a small battery has such an effect.

      There really are so many possibilities with this. Not so much the paddle but the hand held massager bit, couple with a blindfold (and maybe restraints) and this could seriously be so much fun. I really feel like I’ve just scratched at the surface of the possibilities with this.

      The paddle bit is not really a hitty toy at all. You need to strike and leave it against skin for a couple of seconds for max effect. You can’t strike hard as it is a little bit too flexible - but then some like that. Could the paddle be used on its own? The wire unplugs from the hand unit but not the paddle but you could wrap the wire round he handle to use the paddle on its own.

      This is a two handed toy - one for the paddle and one for the unit. Needing to use both hands isn't ideal but you get by. Plus for a bloke they're small enough for both paddle and unit to fit in one hand you could tape the two together as the controls are at the very top and very bottom. The controls allow you to switch between slow/fast shocks, the intensity of those shocks on a dial control, and a switch to send the shocks either to the paddle or to the unit itself. The controls are simple and easy to use.

      So what do the shocks feel like? Well, on slow and low, they are barely detectible, and on high and fast they are actually quite intense - I thought my skin had burnt after about 15 seconds of quite firm pressing on my inner arm. It hadn’t burnt, but I think that description demonstrates the feeling quite well.

      I found the best way to use this paddle is for small periods of time, say a spank that lingers for a few seconds so the shocks can be felt, in this case it feels a bit like hot wax drips but also scratchy. It’s really good, slightly painful but not overly so; it’s definitely on a par with hot wax play.

      The best thing about this though is the hand unit, and the fact that you can detach the paddle and just the hand unit to deliver shocks, and this is how we mostly used this toy. If you are blindfolded, the hand unit can be used to deliver some absolutely mind-blowing sensations. The only limit really is your imagination. I really cannot recommend this enough, although I still don’t think I’d pay £50 for it!

      A few other pieces of info:

      It comes with a wrist lanyard thing you have to attach yourself but it's so fiddly we didn't bother.

      I've never used electric shock before and I think this is perfect but if you have used electro before it’s probably going to be lacking.

      Comes with a blindfold!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Scratchy stingy feel of the shocks - especially on high!
      The paddle is poor as a paddle.
      Bottom line
      Understated appearance hides so many possibilities.
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    1. A shocking surprise

      Reviewed: 18 January 2014 by Penny5518

      I've never tried any kind of electrical play before, so I really wasn't sure what to expect with this paddle. At first glance, it doesn't look too threatening - it's small and heart-shaped, with a fairly small handle, and the electric control certainly doesn't look intimidating. You can use the paddle alone, and unexpectedly the control alone too - which adds a whole range of possibilities. I found the battery compartment a little fiddly, but working the control is easy. You can pick between the shocks being directed to the paddle or the top of the controller, which you could use all over the body or in more sensitive areas.

      The biggest surprise was the power. Even on the lowest setting, this package packs a big shock. If you're looking for light tingles this isn't for you. I haven't tested the highest setting on my skin yet, because by the middle of the range it is too strong for me to handle! So this would be great for anyone wanting something intense. The paddle is very well made, with good quality materials, and the studs designed to create a great sensation with or without the shock. The wire between the controller and the paddle is just long enough, too.

      Overall, this is a great toy for both the inexperienced and the veterans - and great value for money, at a lot lower price than many of the electric toys on the market.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Strong shocks, well made.
      Fiddly battery compartment.
      Bottom line
      An incredible toy at great value for money.
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