1. Nalone Electro USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator

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      1. Nalone Electro USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Silicone and metal combine to send waves of powerful vibration and electric pulses to intimate spots and tired muscles for a whole new level of stimulation. With Electro Magnetic Pulse technology, this wand vibrator leads the way in innovative pleasure.

      A USB rechargeable vibrator with travel-friendly proportions, the Nalone electro wand also contains dual motors and the unique addition of Electro Magnetic Pulse technology for exciting thrills.

      Key features:

      - Electro Magnetic Pulse technology

      - 7 stimulation modes in handle

      - 7 stimulation modes in the head

      - Dual motors

      - Super-smooth silicone over ABS core

      - Ergonomic design

      - Fully waterproof

      - Rechargeable vibrator

      - Presented in a beautiful satin lined box

      - Includes USB cable and drawstring storage bag

      - 1 year Nalone warranty

      How to use your Nalone Electro Wand

      - Take hold of the ergonomic handle and press the bottom button to kick-start the vibrations located in the ergonomic handle. Press again to explore the speeds and patterns, gliding the smooth metal underside over tense muscles and along your inner thigh to build up your excitement levels.

      - Press the second button up to start the powerful vibrations in the head of the wand vibrator and again to explore the full array of 3 speeds and 4 patterns.

      - Unleash the intense electric micro current in the tip of the waterproof vibrator by pressing the top 2 buttons (one switches on the Electro Magnetic Pulse technology and the other button controls the intensity level of the current).

      - Enjoy a choice of just one or all 3 vibration/electro current settings in the wand handle and head at the same time for incredible all-encompassing sensations, whether you're simply holding the wand or directing it towards your sensitive nerve endings.

      - Coat with water-based lubricant for extra slippery pleasure and enhanced sensations.

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      1. Nalone Electro USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator
      2. Nalone Electro USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator

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    1. Gives the Lovehoney wand a run for its money

      Reviewed: 13 September 2013 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      I have only recently been introduced to the wonders of vibrating massage wands. Mainly because I assumed that only women could really feel the full benefit of them. I could not be more wrong. I took the plunge a few days ago and purchased the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand after reading great reviews and encouragement from other Forum members who had tried it.

      It was best toy I had ever purchased. For a long time, it has been the best selling massage wand on Lovehoney, and frankly it’s not hard to see why. It’s powerful, it’s mains powered (so you are unlikely to have any interruptions) and you can find a wealth of attachments to enhance the pleasure.

      But there is a new challenger entering the arena of vibratory pleasure. Nalone isn’t a brand I am familiar with, however when I saw the products for testing, I thought that they looked something special.

      As this product has been eagerly awaiting a review, I want to do it justice, so bare with me. Before I get on to how toe-curling the orgasms were, a little about the unit itself.

      The Wand is covered with a beautiful vibrant pink silicone and has an ergonomic shiny ABS plastic handle. The head of the unit is quite small, meaning you can really pinpoint where you want the vibrations. The head of the wand has a conductive plate around the top (the reason why will become more obvious later) and the rest is in smooth shiny silicone. The neck of the unit is flexible too. The handle itself has a rounded, but somewhat pointed tip with a slight curve. This means it’s shaped perfectly for insertion (and looks almost like it could be used as a prostate massager).

      There are 2 motors in the unit - one in the head, and the other at the base of the handle. Unfortunately you can’t have both modes running at the same time (at least I haven’t been able to get both modes working at the same time) but to be fair, I don’t think it’s really important. The size of the unit means that the vibrations travel through the unit nicely. To operate, simply hold down the button for a few seconds and the unit will spring into life. Additional presses of the button will cycle through the different vibration modes and intensities.

      There are 7 vibration settings, varying from the usual ‘always on’ to the pulses and waves with increasing intensity, much like any other vibrator would (however the LH Deluxe only has 1 ‘mode’ so the Nalone has one up on the LH Wand already). But what’s outstanding is that for such a small unit, it can pack a mean punch vibration-wise and it’s actually quiet. It’s not silent, but it’s much quieter than the LH deluxe. However at its highest setting, I’m not quite sure it packs quite the same punch as the Deluxe, but if this unit was bigger, I reckon it would. No contest.

      Now it’s time to test the sensations. It’s best to use just a water based lubricant with the device - it’s so beautifully made on the outside that you really wouldn’t want to risk using anything silicone or oil based - however if that is your preferred choice of lubricant, I suppose you could get away with putting a condom over the unit (which is in fact recommended in the user guide) to ensure that it stays in tip top condition.

      So we started out using the wand purely for massage. Gliding the wand over the skin on its lowest setting was enough to get the hair standing on end, and the skin tingling. The first three settings for the head are the ‘always on’ vibration, that increases with each click (so the first setting is low, second is medium and third is ‘intense’). The fourth setting is a very quick ‘pulse’. This was extremely pleasant on the back, working into the muscles and providing amazing relief from the stresses of the day. The fifth setting is almost like a crescendo. It builds up and then fades away slowly before building up again. The next setting I am going to refer to as the S.O.S setting - it’s simply 2 quick pulses followed by a longer buzz. Dot dot dash if you will. The final setting is a slight variation with 3 small pulses followed by a longer buzz. For general massage, the third, fourth and fifth settings provided the best feeling.

      Now for the good stuff! With plenty of water-based lubricant, we began to ‘massage’ the intimate areas. Due to it’s smaller size, it’s much easier to hold, and really allows you to get those vibrations to go exactly where you want them (in this case, working the frenulum). I’ve never had an orgasm just by stimulating the frenulum alone, but I did using the Nalone. My god it felt amazing. I wasn’t able to achieve that with the LH Deluxe, purely because the head of the wand is so large, it really disperses the vibrations throughout (which I think is possibly why the OH didn’t enjoy it so much). With the Nalone, it’s kept to a specific area, and it gets all the pleasure. So I could imagine a woman would probably feel the same sort of thing with the wand pressed against the clitoris. Especially when you mix up the different speeds and intensity as well. The Nalone also did a good job of providing amazing sensations to the perineum as well, although not as strongly as the LH deluxe wand did, again, purely because this unit is a smaller and not quite as powerful. But it was still highly pleasurable.

      For the purposes of covering all the bases, I thought I would at least try and give it a go internally - just to see if my theory of it being a prostate massager would be correct. I rolled a condom over the handle of the unit, applied lots of lube and slowly inserted. It was surprisingly comfortable, not at all unlike the Lelo Billy prostate massager I have (which is a similar shape). When I was comfortable, we began the vibrations. The handle has the same vibration pattern as the head, so kind of knew what to expect. At the same time, nothing could prepare me for what I felt inside. Because of the way the handle is shaped, it hit the ‘spot’ almost right away, and by the time it was on the third setting, I was ready to explode. This unit packs a bigger punch than the Lelo prostate massager so immediately I am on to a winner here. The only downside - due to the placement of buttons, you are probably going to want to choose the vibration mode before you insert – becomes a bit trickier afterwards!

      The last thing we needed to try out was this magical ‘Electro’ mode. Once activated, it’s supposed to enhance the sensations through the generation of tiny micro-currents. Once activated, there are 5 modes of intensity. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to tell when you’ve successfully changed mode - however if you look carefully at the lights underneath where the buttons are, you’ll see them get brighter as you cycle through.

      I didn’t really know what to expect with the Electro mode. Initially I was quite put off by the idea of putting anything that creates a ‘current’ close to anything as sensitive as my chap - but for the purposes of reviewing fully, I had to give it a try. Initially I didn’t notice any difference as I spent some time cycling through the different modes - but eventually, I did notice an extra ‘tingle’ that wasn’t there the first time round. It wasn’t anything major, but there was a slight enhancement of sensation, but honestly, it wasn’t anything to write home about. That said, the experience is likely to be different for someone else, so just because it didn’t really work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

      Overall impression? It’s pretty damn good actually! Its tiny size hides a deceptively fun and powerful set of vibrations, although not as powerful as the LH Deluxe Wand. However it’s quietness, ease of use and brilliant modern design put it a step ahead, and if you’ve never used a Wand before, you will definitely not be disappointed with what this little beauty can do. The Deluxe is probably still better value for money, and if you are looking for something a bit stronger. However if you like your toys with a bit more added style and luxury, you can’t go wrong with Nalone.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Stylish, sleek, surprisingly powerful for a small wand. Very Quiet!
      Not as powerful as some wands out there.
      Bottom line
      Great little wand with lots of potential.
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    1. Really Disappointed In This Wand

      Reviewed: 23 September 2013 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Oh, I really wanted to love the Nalone Electro Wand. I mean, on paper it sounds amazing. It is jam packed with features and innovative ideas that make it highly versatile and lots of fun. I was so excited about trying this wand. After my experiences with it however, I feel quite let down. I was surprised. It looks like a fantastic toy but there are so many little (And big.) niggles with the Nalone Electro Wand that each one added up to form an overall bad experience for me. So what went wrong?

      The Electro Stimulation:

      First of all, as it turns out, I am not a fan of e-stim directly to my genitals. I have had mixed feelings about e-stim, having experienced it before and finding it to be a lot of fun, but I had never tried it directly on my clitoris and even back then I did find e-stim to be occasionally painful or uncomfortable. It has certainly never been orgasmic for me. I cannot blame the Nalone wand for this though, this is just a personal preference and I am sure there are lots of people out there for whom, e-stim is right up their street.

      If I were to describe the sensation I would say that it feels almost like getting pins and needles in your clitoris and vulva. Although this sensation is nice sometimes, I found the Nalone wand to be rather patchy with its sensations. Often I would experience a pleasant tingling, until I slightly shifted the wand and suddenly felt an intense jolt of stabbing sensations, similar to getting a static shock or being pricked with needles. Never knowing exactly when I may experience a sharp jolt like this, left me feeling edgy and nervous, rather than relaxed and pleasured. Luckily, the Nalone Wand does not HAVE to have the e-stim turned on. It can be used as a normal vibrator. Surely this would work out better for me, right? Well, no, unfortunately.

      The Head Of The Wand:

      The vibrations travelling through the head of the Nalone Wand feel pretty good and because this is a small wand, the stimulation is more pin point than you will experience with the larger mains powered wands, which is also good if you prefer more pin point stimulation. The vibrations actually feel slightly different to almost any vibrator I have tried before. It almost feels as though the toy is oscillating slightly, and the sensations travel quite deep into the tissues and were plenty enough to give me orgasms (I am a power seeker.) as long as I was quick. See, on full power, this vibrator only lasted 25 minutes after a full charge. (I tried fully charging it twice to ensure this was not a fluke.)

      Not only this, but after 10 to 15 minutes, the vibration power has almost halved and at the 20 minute mark, it is vibrating slowly, as though it was on its low power setting, when it fact it was on high. This is so frustrating for a woman like me, who takes longer than 10 minutes to orgasm, as 10 to 15 minutes is about the most time you get this wand at full, intense power, then it begins to dip a lot. Then problem two hits. The head of the Nalone suffers from dampened vibrations. This simply means any pressure used, stops the wand vibrating as fast as it would without the pressure applied. The more it runs out of power, the worse this effect is.

      Now, that's just the vibrations. The actual head itself has not been designed brilliantly. The head has been made from silicone, which has a metal plate applied to transfer the electrical current. The problem is that this metal plate causes a raised, scratchy, metal seam to run around the entire tip of the wands head. This seam can be felt easily with the fingertips and has occasionally nipped at my genital skin when the vibrations are causing the head to move fast. It feels a little scratchy against my clitoris quite often.

      Worse still, this metal head has started to CORRODE on my wand. (Which, at this point I have owned for just one week.) I can see lots of little black/orange coloured spots forming, mainly around the edges of the central metal plate. When I look back at pictures I took of this wand before I ever used it, I can even see some spotting on it that I did not notice at the time. I believe I am sex toy savvy and followed the care guidelines, ensuring I only used water based lubricant as recommended, and cleaning and drying the toy after use. This toy is designed to be waterproof, yet the metal used to make it is certainly not capable of standing up to a single week's worth of use without starting to corrode? Not good.

      The Insertable End Of The Wand:

      See, this is a brilliant idea. I absolutely love that this wand can be used in two completely different ways and I hail Nalone for trying this. The wand has one end for external stimulation and the other for internal use (or external stimulation too.) The problem is that the insertable end of the Nalone wand also has issues. First of all, it is not that comfortable to insert into the vagina and it gets worse when you try to thrust with it. See, this end of the Nalone Wand is shaped like an elongated oval, cut in half, or a rounded off triangle. One side is almost flat (the silicone side.)

      As it turns out, triangle shaped objects are not the best feeling for me when it comes to insertable toys. The initial insertion felt rough, or a little bit 'scratchy' rather than smooth. Once you have the tip inserted, you are then treated to the two (huge) seams that join the metal to the silicone. These seams can be felt easily at either side of your vaginal entrance as the toy slides in. I would not say it is painful, and plenty of lubricant helps diminish this sensation, but it just doesn't feel 'good' either. It almost feels like trying to insert something that is not quite designed for being inserted.

      The thing is, the electro stimulation does not work with the insertable end, only the head, so the metal plating around the insertable section seems to be there only for aesthetic reasons, which would be fine if it didn't feel slightly uncomfortable to use, but it does. The shape is also wrong for me, and I find that the elongated oval/triangle shape does not feel great as it slides further inside. It seems to add a pressure sensation to the top of my vulva and urethra and slightly grates up against my pubic bone internally as it slides in. Once it was inserted, it struggled to find my G-spot.

      To then add the icing on the cake, once I had inserted it almost to the point where my g-spot would start to feel it, I then felt those raised buttons, used to operate the toy, rub uncomfortably at the base of my vulva. It was like a 360 degree assault of seams, hard bulges and raised buttons all designed to scratch, grate or rub against every side of my vaginal entrance. This meant thrusting was uncomfortable.

      Yet comes even more bad news, the vibrations travelling through the insertable end of the wand are weak and very shallow. They feel totally different to the vibrations in the head end. I would go as far as to say that I have cheap, battery operated bullets that vibrate deeper and harder than this end of the Nalone wand does and it is pretty much useless against my clitoris. This is not good from such an expensive toy.

      Noise levels from the Nalone are not great either. The Nalone Wand is a reasonably loud vibrator. I turned it on in a silent bedroom, went outside and shut the door and I could still hear it, although only just. I would describe it as sounding similar to hair clippers, maybe just a shade quieter but probably not quite discreet enough to use in a shared house if you are nervous about others hearing. I compared noise levels of the Nalone and the Lelo Smart Wand and the difference is like chalk and cheese. The Lelo is silent, the Nalone is not. The only other vibrators I have that are noisier than the Nalone are either my Mains powered wands, or much cheaper designed toys.

      Cleaning and Care:

      The Nalone Wand is fully waterproof, but cleaning is not simple, due to the huge amount of very deep seams running around the toy. The seams around the metal portions on both the head and the shaft collect lubricant and body fluids easily, and removing this gunk is tricky. I recommend using a soft toothbrush, however, you also want to avoid scratching the metal, so you have to go very gentle. Even after a good cleaning and leaving it to dry, I can check back later to find dried up fluids still noticeable inside the seams, especially if a pull the silicone back slightly, because the seams are so, so deep. Again, not impressive.


      To sum up, no matter how I used the Nalone Wand, somewhere along the way I experienced something that was not enjoyable or that let me down. From seams rubbing against my sensitive parts, weak vibrations, rusting of the metal, uncomfortable insertions, dampened, dying vibrations after 15 minutes and pins and needles sensations, or shocks against my delicates. I wanted to love it, I really did, but I actually much prefer the Lovehoney Deluxe and the Doxy Massager over the Nalone and both are much cheaper.

      This wand has so much potential, it really does. In theory it is an amazing idea but the Nalone Wand is trying to be the jack of all trades, which unfortunately leaves it as master of none. I sit looking at this wand and feel like, if they just removed the metal from the handle to get rid of all these seams, flattened the buttons and re-shaped the insertable end so it would be more comfortable to insert, as well as giving this end a much more powerful motor and bingo, a brilliant double ended wand vibrator ideal for males and females alike. As it is right now, it just did not impress me as much as I had hoped and thought it would. The only saving grace is the nice, powerful vibrations in the head end... for the 15 minutes that they last. :(

    2. Overall Rating:
      2 out of 10 stars
      Powerful head, while it lasts.
      Seams, weak vibrations, runs out of power fast, hurts, corroding.
      Bottom line
      There was not much I liked about this wand at all, unfortunately.
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