1. Cascade Ripple Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator

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      1. Cascade Ripple Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      The perfect sex toy for fans of gadgets and powerful, slippery stimulation, the Cascade Ripple has LubePlay™ self-lubrication technology for lube on demand. Kick-start the vibrations and click the button for extra lube - simple and oh-so satisfying!

      Ripple has undulating ribbing along its silicone sleeve, making it perfectly formed for incredibly satisfying internal massages - especially when teamed with as much lube as you need.

      The Cascade self-lubricating vibes have been designed for mess-free pleasure, with each of the 3 styles featuring a secret compartment to house your included LubePlay cartridge. Add as much lube as you desire during play with a touch of a button for uninterrupted pleasure.

      A powerful motor is located in its tip for pinpoint stimulation and the selection of 3 power settings and 3 vibration modes (constant, pulsating and escalating) are yours to explore to take you to an explosive climax.

      Charge your Cascade Flow vibrator by plugging the USB Magnetic charging system into your computer or mobile phone plug charger and indulge in play without worrying about fading battery power.

      Remove the silicone sleeve and wash it inside and out with sex toy cleaner before leaving it to dry naturally.

      An instruction manual is also included.

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      1. Cascade Ripple Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator
      2. Cascade Ripple Self-Lubricating Silicone Vibrator

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    1. No batteries, no problem

      Reviewed: 13 July 2013 by truegrace

      Was excited as always for Mr postman to drop this off, especially as it was something completely new.

      First off, the packaging looks expensive, before even getting to the toy our excitement was gaining momentum!

      Inside the box apart from the toy there is a USB charging lead, some instructions and one pack of lube.

      Getting the toy out the box, I was surprised that is is quite weightly, although most of the weight comes from the silicone end it feels very well made and has a look of luxury about it.

      The instructions are simple to follow and the lube is easy to insert, just a charge and you are ready to roll.

      Charging is my only issue with the toy. The magnetic charger is pretty rubbish, and takes a bit of fiddling to actually get it to make a constant connection.

      Once it is connected correctly and you have balanced the toy somewhere where the magnet doesn't drop off you are good to go.

      The vibes this bad boy gives off are definitely more of a rumbly type than a buzz, which is amazing if that is your thing. This is the first vibe outside of a wand that feels so deep down good we just can't put it down.

      The 3 speeds should suit everyone depending on your tastes, as power lovers we don't tend to use the slower speeds but it still feels dam good even on the slowest setting. The patterns also mix it up a bit, and offer a bit of variety.

      The controls are easy to use, one for power levels, one for patterns and one for lube.

      I must admit I was expecting something quieter. Its not really loud, especially for how powerful it is, but being rechargeable I imagined it would be quieter.

      The lube release is also fairly loud, nothing that screams out in the dark, but if you live in a shared house with thin walls you may be overheard!

      The vibes come right from the tip so this is ideal for clit stimulation, and having extra lube at the touch of a button is more handy than you can imagine for them 'dryer' moments.

      The rippled tip really does feel nice as well and adds that extra bit of stimulation.

      Internal use does feel nice, but as they ain't really our thing I can't overly comment. There is a fairly nice girth and length to play with so should please most people!

      It did feel good, and again the added easy lube works really well, but it's not where this toy excels.

      Cleaning is easy, the silicone 'shaft' comes off so is simple to wash under the tap or with your favourite cleaner.

      Although this is a really good vibe I can't help thinking a good chunk of the price is for the lube play system. It is a really good idea, but would be far better if you could use your own choice of lube.

      All in all the vibes on this are amazing, especially as it's rechargeable, we have clocked up a good hour or two use on its first charge and no signs of slowing down as yet so a happy customer here.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The power of the vibes, lube system us handy.
      Charging can be a pain.
      Bottom line
      Lubeplay works well, nice deeps vibes.
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    1. Very impressed

      Reviewed: 09 July 2013 by Baby_Lu


      Really really classy. Packaging is quite important to me as I tend to keep my toys in their original boxes.


      I really like the look of this toy. I'm definitely fussy when it comes to the look of toys. I only like pretty lol. This is definitely pretty. It's a nice bright pink and is all smooth.

      Getting started:

      When the toy arrived I had to open it up and pop the lube inside. This was dead simple and only took a few minutes. Then I had to charge the toy, this was one of the things I wasn't so keen on. It comes with a USB charger so had to be charged in my living room. I believe you can use a mains adapter and charge it that way but it didn't come with the toy.

      Also the charger connects to the toy with magnets which seems really cool but since the strength of the magnets was quite weak it made it very fiddly to get charging and I actually got a bit annoyed with it.

      Play time:

      This toy has loads of different settings and some are quite strong which is great. I tried it inside and it felt really good but where the toy feels amazing is on your clit. Especially with the lube function, I mean wow. It didn't take me long at all to orgasm.


      This is definitely one of the quieter toys I've used and I think with your door shut other people in the house would have no idea what your up to. The lube function has a slightly louder mechanical noise but even that isn't very loud.

      All in all I'm very impressed with this toy. It's the first luxury toy I've owned and I'd say that lube function and the fact it's rechargable makes it worth the price.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Lube function! Looks, packaging, quietness.
      Bottom line
      Great powerful toy.
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    1. Nice idea but not implemented very well

      Reviewed: 06 August 2013 by Mayienne, a Straight Engaged Female

      I ordered the Cascade vibrator with lube system about two weeks ago. I was really excited when I got it as I believed that the experience and handling with this device is way better than the status quo.

      Well, as far as the experience is concerned, I was right. It is just more intuitive when you don’t have to use your vibrator and lubricants in a separated manner. So I really enjoyed myself without any hassles and I could really let go.

      What disappointed me was the product quality and the fact that this device is difficult to clean.

      The low quality impression starts with packaging that is everything but special. Nonetheless, in my opinion a product from this price range should have decent packaging. My Lelo vibrator for instances is from the same price range and it is just way more sophisticated.

      The device itself looks also not very sophisticated. The plastic has a cheap look and feel. Somehow it looks like a vibrator from the 90s.

      The component that is absolutely not elaborated is this lube play system. There is no possibility to clean the inner parts that transport the lube through the vibrator. This means there is always lube left in the pipes and as you won’t use the provided 22ml of lube in one shot, this means that depending on how often you used this device, that lube from the pipe is a couple of days, probably weeks old. So not very hygienic if you ask me.

      So all in all a nice idea, but not implemented very well from the product side.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      Lube function.
      Hygiene, noise, quality.
      Bottom line
      A nice idea, but not implemented very well from the product side.
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