1. Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey's Tie

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      Transform your fantasy into a reality with Christian Grey's Tie. Made from luxurious silver and grey quilting, this versatile accessory is perfect for wearing in public to display your kinky intentions, and whipping off in a hurry for impromptu bondage.

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      1. Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey's Tie

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    1. Product Description

      Transform your fantasy into a reality with Christian Grey's Tie. Made from luxurious silver and grey quilting, this versatile accessory is perfect for wearing in public to display your kinky intentions, and whipping off in a hurry for impromptu bondage.

      "I do as he asks, and he binds my wrists together with his tie, knotting it firmly. His eyes are bright with wild excitement." - Anastasia Steele

      A fully functioning and stylish tie that won't stand out to those not 'in the know', wear it in pubic to let your partner know what's on your mind, and when you're alone, slip it off to experience tie-and-tease just like Ana and Christian.

      Wrap the tie's long, silky length around your lover's wrists or ankles and tie it into a bow to enhance their sensory excitement and satisfaction.

      If you choose to play this way, remember to agree on a safe word before you start. Your safe word can be anything, but you should both know it means: 'Stop'!

      Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

      Key Features:

      • Silky soft tie for comfortable, versatile bondage play
      • A discreet restraint that won't raise eyebrows if you leave it lying around
      • Suitable for wear out of the bedroom
      • A perfect gift for him or her
      • Authentic Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 59 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Fastening: Tie-up
      • Material: Polyester

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    1. Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey's Tie

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      Luxuriously quilted into a silver and grey pattern, slip on this beautiful tie to fulfil the fantasy of Christian grey. Designed to be enjoyed in and out of the bedroom, this stunning piece of neckwear doubles up as a restraint for bondage whenever, wherever.

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    Customer Reviews

    Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey's Tie 9 out of 10 9 out of 10 (15 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 22 September 2015 by Sex-toy-addict

      I was so excited when receiving this through my mail box!

      I love Fifty Shades of Grey and wanted my boyfriend to wear this tie the moment I set my eyes on it.

      I love it when he ties me up with it, since it's so silky. Then when he wears it out in public he knows for a fact it will turn me on. He can wear it without anyone looking twice, but then he can tie me up and bind me to the bed with it as well.

      It was such a good buy. My boyfriend is like my own personal Mr Christian Grey.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Bottom line
      Silky, smooth, worth the money.
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    1. Sharply dressed man

      Reviewed: 30 March 2015 by Lovehoney - Jessica, a Straight Going Steady Female

      "What's this you have bought for me?" he asked, eyebrow raised with a quizzical expression on his face.

      "Why don't you open it and see?" she replied cheekily.

      She handed him a well packaged article, dark and discreet, yet worded clearly, so that there were no surprises as to what was inside.

      He chuckled, and opened the slimline box to reveal a beautifully soft silver looking tie.

      "What do you think?" she asked.

      "Actually," he responded, "it doesn't look too bad at all."

      He took it out of the box, placed it around the back of his neck and proceeded to tie a Windsor knot.

      "This is actually quite a thick tie, great for a sturdy hold around the neck," he started. "I don't mind the colour either, and the material is surprisingly soft."

      She studied him as he stood there wearing his new garment, thinking how nicely it complimented his sea blue eyes.

      "There's just one thing that I dislike," he said.

      "Oh?" said she.

      "That quite clearly this is not Christian Grey's tie, but a tie made for me!"

      His eyes lit up with a certain deviousness, and she giggled with delight.

      The tie, he removed from his neck, and just as quickly he stepped closer. She proceeded to turn the other way and hastened her steps in the opposite direction.

      He chased her from one end of the house to the other, and knowing what was about to happen, she shrieked playfully. A quick flick when she was in range, and she felt a slight burn on the back of her thighs.

      "Aha!" he laughed. "This does whip better than a tea towel!"

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Silver is definitely his colour.
      That Christian Grey beat us to it!
      Bottom line
      A very versatile piece that can be paired with almost any colour shirt.
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    1. Some boy scout he must have been to learn these knots

      Reviewed: 21 November 2014 by LibbyLibido, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      As a brown package dropped through my letterbox one warm August morn, I could barely contain my excitement. I tore through the simple packaging, my eyes widening at what greeted me. A beautiful yet simple black and silver box, oozing class with its minimalism. My inner goddess danced as I carefully opened the box, finding nestled inside the most beautiful tie I had ever seen.

      I ran my fingers over the smooth, silky silver fabric, admiring the beautifully embroidered pattern and the impeccable stitching. My mind began to race with exotic fantasies the like of which I'd never experienced before, wondering what my Master would have in store for both me and the tie. Holy cow, I already knew I was in for a treat.

      When I placed the tie in my Master's hands, his eyes gleamed, as though made from the very same material. He deftly tied it around his neck with nimble fingers, commenting on the slight padding. Oh my. I struggled to control myself at the mere sight of my Master, desperate to fling myself at him and have him ravage me right there and then. The shiny silver complemented the black of his shirt perfectly, creating the perfect mix of professional and sexy. Images flashed through my mind, naked flesh and silver, making my knees weak. Holy Moses.

      As I led him to the front door, he pulled me into a passionate kiss, causing a stir deep in the depths of my abdomen. I admired him one last time before he winked and turned away, straightening his tie as he left the house. I sank my teeth into my bottom lip, wondering how I would be able to prevent my subconscious from stomping her foot, demanding I relieve my rapidly growing arousal.

      This was going to be a long day...

      As the sun began to set, I heard a key enter the lock of the front door. My Master was home.

      I arose from my seat in the lounge to greet him, although he had no patience for pleasantries. He pulled me into a deep kiss, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I moaned, revelling in the glorious feeling of his luxurious tie rubbing against my bare cleavage.

      He dragged me through to the study and pushed me against the filing cabinet. I grasped his tie and pulled him towards me, letting him kiss every exposed inch of my décolletage. My pulse quickened and my Master's stable breaths became ragged pants as desperation and desire flooded over us both. He span me around and pushed down on the small of my back, forcing me to bend over in my tight pencil skirt. I could hear the rustling of material behind me and before I fully realised what he was doing, I could feel a long length of smooth fabric binding my wrists together. I tried to free my hands from the restraint but the satin material was simply too strong; I was completely at his mercy.

      Holy cow, I'm going to give him presents much more often…

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Bottom line
      Fifty Shades of Amazing!
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes