1. ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set

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      EM60 Flick is a rechargeable power unit that revolutionises electrosex play with motion-activated electrical currents and a whopping 24 different intensity levels. Plus, unlike many e-stim toys it boasts 7 patterns and comes with 3 plug in accessories.

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      1. ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set

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    1. Product Description

      EM60 Flick is a rechargeable power unit that revolutionises electrosex play with motion-activated electrical currents and a whopping 24 different intensity levels. Plus, unlike many e-stim toys it boasts 7 patterns and comes with 3 plug in accessories.

      If you're new to electro-stimulation and want to sample all of the delights it has to offer, this multipack has everything you need to enjoy varied solo or shared play. Delight in the thrill of internal and external tingles, pulsations and tickles with the 3 included accessories.

      For direct boner buzzing, slip both adjustable cock loops around your or your partners penis (one at the base and one just under the glans) for full-length tingly bliss. Fancy internal pleasure? Swap the cock rings for the Aura probe and enjoy vaginal or anal stimulation.

      Probably one of the simplest yet most versatile accessories are the adhesive pads. For contactless spanking, stick both pads on your partner's behind and plug them into the Flick control unit. Set the maximum intensity to one that suits your lover (so you don't accidentally zap them too hard) and begin flicking your wrist. Depending on how hard and fast you flick will determine the intensity of 'impact'. For shared pleasure, wear one pad each (below the waist) and enjoy shared tingles every time (and everywhere) you touch. Cool huh?

      Basic in principle, electrosex toys use the same tech as TENS machines (yep, the ones designed for pain relief), zapping your nerve endings with mild (or intense depending on how you like it) electrical currents. This direct stimulation is far more effective than vibrations and during internal play can even strengthen your kegel muscles.

      Explore a full 24 intensity settings that put you in complete control. Whether you like barely-there tickles or hair-raising zaps, this kit does it all. Plus it features 1 constant and 7 patterned functions, each completely customisable, for seriously exciting play.

      Kit includes: ElectraStim gift box, EM60 Rechargeable ElectraStim Flick Dual Channel Power Unit, 2 Connecting cables (each with 2 x 2mm connector pins), USB recharging cable, 4 Uni-Polar ElectraPads, 2 Uni-Polar ElectraLoop cock rings, 1 Silicone Noir Aura Multi Probe, 1 x 60ml Tube of Conductive Gel, 1 Sample of water-based lube, 1 Storage bag, 1 Instructional booklet, 1 x 3 year extended warranty

      Key Features:

      • Full electra-stim kit with 3 attachments exhilarating erotic pleasure
      • 'Silicone Noir Aura' 3 inch probe is perfect for vaginal and anal stimulation
      • Twin adjustable cock loops offer pin-point penis arousal
      • Adhesive pads are perfect for shared fun and contactless spanking
      • Motion-activated Flick power unit enables a wide range of play options
      • Includes conductive gel, a sample of water-based lube, a storage bag, 3 year warranty and detailed instructions
    1. Power and speed

      • Power Type: Rechargeable

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    1. ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Set

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      If you're new to electrostimulation and want to sample all of the delights it has to offer, this multipack provides you with everything you need to enjoy varied play solo or with a partner.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set 18 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars

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      1. ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set
      2. ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set

        Only: £149.99

    1. A sensation like no other

      Reviewed: 10 June 2016 by TickleMeTots, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      The first time I had ever heard about electro stimulating sex toys was whilst browsing through Lovehoney's 'What's new in Sex Toys' section. When I first read that electric is used to stimulate our most sensitive body parts, it sounded a little terrifying yet exciting, I really wanted to try it!

      During a visit to Sexpo in London, I was introduced to the toys in person where I actually had the chance to experience how it feels against the skin and learn more about what and how you can play with them. The very second I felt the electric vibing through my hand it made me jump, but want more! I was given a very teasing demo of how you can use the ElectraStim to feel the stimulation between partners, skin to skin which was the most exciting feature for me. The thought of my partner being able to touch my skin and feel electric coming through him and onto me drove me crazy, right then I knew I had to buy it!

      I managed to purchase my ElectraStim EM60 through an amazing offer which was a massive bonus as it meant I could purchase the multipack instead of just the power unit and one matching toy. Within the multipack I received the Motion-activated power unit, two adjustable cock rings, the Silicone Noir Aura (for vaginal or anal), ElectraStim conductive gel, four adhesive pads and a storage bag.

      It's been a while since I purchased this product now, and I have managed to learn more about what can actually be done with this kit than what I was first told, not all related to sexual stimulation either.

      So, of course, you have the motion-activated power unit which is what allows all of this to happen. This unit is rechargeable which always ticks my box on a toy. There aren't too many buttons which makes the use and understanding of how to use it so much simpler. Along the top is the power bar which demonstrates how much power the unit is putting out. And lastly, there's the fantastic 'flick' option (as well as pulses) which gives the user the ability to almost create their own pulse or shock their partner in a fun way.

      Then we have the conductive pads which are plugged into the power unit and then attached to either partner's skin, this is what allows the electric stimulation to pass through body to body during intercourse, oral sex, kissing and just touching - making everything so much more intense. The only downside to this part is that my partner cannot use this during intercourse or during a blowjob due to being circumcised.

      The adjustable cock rings cannot really be used on my partner, however, I have found use for the around my nipples. Usually, my nipples aren't all that sensitive after having had pierced them, but they really do something to them!

      As for the Silicone Noir Aura, this is the one I experimented a little bit more with compared to the other products. Usually, this would be used for vaginal or anal stimulation, which I have tried and felt good but wasn't as exciting as I'd have hoped. If it was something that can be used more like a shaft, then I'd possibly enjoy it more. However, I once came across some info that said electric stimulation under the armpits can decrease the amount you sweat... And it does! Every now and again I'll use the Silicone Noir Aura on a high power setting for around half an hour before I go out or depending on the outfit I'm wearing. A little bit odd but useful!

      Cleaning everything is fairly easy, I use some sex toys cleaning foam and a damp warm cloth to clean each product while all separate from the power unit.

      As it came in a sturdy storage box, I've kept all of the products within in so that when I want to use it I can bring them all out together and not have to dig through my box to find each piece.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      How unique it feels, the quality, variety of products and the excitement mixed with shock.
      The wire is a little annoying some times, but nothing really to complain about.
      Bottom line
      Great experience and possibly one of the most exciting products we own.
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    1. Hands-free stimulation

      Reviewed: 02 May 2016 by Barney50

      I have been curious about electro toys for a while, and my girlfriend and I decided we would try it.

      They are not cheap, so was a bit hesitant about how good it would be for the price.

      I wasn't disappointed. We couldn't wait to try it when it arrived.

      This is amazing the loops and pads are easy to attach, and the sensations are mind-blowing.

      There are loads of different speeds and pulses to completely blow you away. My girlfriend got very turned on watching me use it on myself. She ended up masturbating herself while I watched.

      We both came, and mine was hands-free and out of this world.

      We have both used the plug too. I've used it for anal stimulation, while my GF as given me a BJ. If you can afford this toy then please buy one, you won't be sorry.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The different speeds and sensations. Both the pads and loops feel amazing. Easily charges up.
      Had to replace the loops as they tore, but Lovehoney replaced them free.
      Bottom line
      10 out of 10 unless they can make something better.
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    1. Just Buy It, You Won't Regret it

      Reviewed: 28 April 2016 by MrGwelshy, a Straight Single Male

      The quality of the product is very high and it's very durable, very easy to use, and very easy to setup, easy to clean. Great for solo play and couples play. I've had more fun with this than any other sex toy. Many accessories you can buy to go with this toy. It’s the perfect toy to travel with on your holidays.

      The loops/ pads/ plug are really soft and comfortable to wear and to insert (plug). As you turn this up you can feel the tingle sensations or the pulsating throbbing feeling travel through your member (very enjoyable) and through the loops.

      The pads tend to stimulate a small area but are just as powerful also to the job very well especially combined with a loop.

      The plug is great quality, easy to use, but for me, it did not do much. I much prefer the loops and pads, they are better and more powerful in my opinion.

      You do need to play with the power/ pattern settings to find what works best for you. Again, full power can be very intense and buzzing. But it can be very painful, so build up to the stronger levels/ patterns! And it can hurt after the big O so just knock the toy off soon as you can!

      Great toy, would recommend!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Power and the patterns easy to use and the mind-blowing orgasm!
      The cost and the plug was not all that good for me anyways.
      Bottom line
      Awesome, mind-blowing, buzzing! Definitely a must-have in any toy collection.
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